Dec 29

Regular blog readers will recognize these individuals whose life experiences encompassed ‘unexplained phenomena.’
Last week, I had intended to present a blog post about the Council of Nicaea (325 AD) but finally decided the information was mostly hypothetical. There are incomplete and scant surviving records of the event and I noticed that the perspectives of authors include assumptions in their attempts to describe what occurred. It is known that the first Christian council resulted with the compilation of writings that would become the biblical New Testament.


An English translation of the “The Profession of Faith of the 318 Fathers” may be read online. This document expresses the opinion of the majority of council members, who elected that Jesus should be decreed to be “the Son of God, the only begotten begotten from the Father.” The perspective of Jesus as “a creature and a work [of God]” was addressed and found “impious” and “blasphemous.” Nonetheless, the “only begotten begotten” declaration seems especially questionable as there are Bible passages that show Jesus to have characteristics and a vulnerability similar to all human beings.

In 2003 when I was being interviewed on a radio show, I was asked if I believe in Jesus Christ. Based upon my own unusual experiences and research, I answered: “I believe that Jesus Christ is actually two different entities. There was Jesus of Nazareth who was a Christed one by the Christ Force.”

As many readers know, the case study of my own unexpected and unique spiritual awakening is available in a free Internet edition. Testament begins with my interviews of a family in Oklahoma who had been reported to be experiencing ‘talking poltergeist’ phenomena, a subject that I had been researching at the time. During our conversations, I mentioned some of these cases — including the 19th Century ‘Bell Witch’ case and Mary Jobson cases (as documented in the book). Something I told the family about the Mary Jobson case was a speech quoted of a transcendental communicator that included the following declarations.


The Mary Jobson case study book is now available at Google Books but the page with this paragraph (p. 5) is missing; also available online is the first published case study of ‘The Bell Witch’.

Upon reflecting about our human predicament, what seems to me a prominent fallacy of religion is fostering the belief that people’s individual consciousnesses could be in any way subordinate in their relationship with ‘God’ (Source of All Being) in regard to another person or any conceivable human ‘avatar.’ The concept of ‘Christ Consciousness’ makes this perspective more comprehensible.

Some previous blog articles have reported about patterns involving the words ‘Michael’ and ‘Bell’ and the number 9 among cases involving ‘paranormal’ phenomena. Following what I wrote earlier this year in the articles “Flying Saucers and ‘The Nine Pattern’” and “Beyond ‘Talking Poltergeists’ and ‘The Nine Pattern’”, I found myself having an unusual experience involving the number 9 when I reported to a local courthouse for jury service in October.

After my first jury service experience around eight years ago at another part of the San Fernando Valley, I didn’t think there could be much of a chance for me to ever be selected as a juror because it had been explained that jurors must let the judge’s instructions take precedence over their spiritual beliefs. I had told the judge then that I thought if everyone responded to that statement honestly, they must say that they would not be willing to follow such an instruction. I was then excused from the courtroom. Several years later, I responded to a summons for jury service in another city but was never called to sit in one of the jury seats. While waiting to see if I might be called if enough people were excused, I was listening for the subject of jurors’ spiritual beliefs to be addressed but this question was never raised. The judge at my most recent jury service experience also made no mention of the issue.

I believe it is one’s civic duty to serve as a juror if called and my employer pays an unlimited number of days for jury duty. At first during my October summons appointment, I felt confident that I would not be one of the people selected to be on the jury for what was a civil case arising from an altercation between apartment complex neighbors that involved a dog bite. Then the attorneys excused many people from the juror seats and my name was called to sit in one of the alternate chairs.

The main questions that the attorneys wanted me to answer while interviewing me was whether or not I had resided in an apartment and, if so, what problems had I experienced. I said that I had lived in apartments most of my life without any major problems. When asked to explain further, I answered that there had been an inconveniencing flood after a pipe blockage and occasionally there have been times when needed repairs weren’t made expediently but these were relatively minor inconveniences.

Throughout the proceedings, it had been noticed and commented upon that many people had sat in seat number nine and each had been dismissed. Eventually the attorneys finished excusing jurors including another person in the number 9 seat. As I had not been dismissed, I began wondering if this was where I was going to be for the next two weeks. Then the judge suddenly asked me to move to seat number nine. Just as I sat down, an attorney said that I was dismissed. I can only presume that although he had found it acceptable for me to be an alternate, for some reason he didn’t want me to have a more consequential role in the trial.

Following up my September article “Paranormal Radio Shows in 2013″, it turned out that Art Bell’s Sirius XM Radio program lasted less than a couple months. As I’ve commented before, I had once been a regular listener and recurring caller to Art Bell and later George Noory along with some other interim hosts of the radio show “Coast to Coast AM.” These days, in my car I usually listen to the singular local classical music station.

Regarding the lack of metaphysical topics at prominent news websites, it seems sad but true that many people’s orientation to these topics may be more influenced by movies, TV shows, novels and pop music than by nonfiction information sources.

Over the years (and perhaps more often before the arts became so highly commercialized), there have been times when I’ve thought about insightful songs and poems that I had the opportunity to hear or read. Here are the lyrics of one of these songs — “Ammonia Avenue” (1984) by The Alan Parsons Project.

“Ammonia Avenue”
written by Eric Woolfson and Alan Parsons
vocal by Eric Woolfson
Is there no sign of light
as we stand in the darkness
watching the sun arise
Is there no sign of life
as we gaze at the waters
into the stranger’s eyes
And who are we
to criticize
or scorn the things that they do
For we shall seek
and we shall find
ammonia avenue
If we call for the proof
and we question the answers
only the doubt will grow
Are we blind to the truth
or a sign to believe in
Only the wise will know
And word by word
they handed down
the light that shines today
And those who came
at first to scoff
remained behind to pray
And those who came
at first to scoff
remained behind to pray
When you can’t hear the rhyme
and you can’t see the reason
why should the hope remain
For a man will be tired
and his soul will grow weary
living his life in vain
And who are we
to justify
the right in all we do
Until we seek
until we find
ammonia avenue
Through all the doubt
somehow they knew
Stone by stone
they built it high
Until the sun broke through
A ray of hope
a shining light
ammonia avenue
While writing this article, I discovered that the word ‘ammonia’ correlates with the ancient god-king-priest Amun (or Amun-Ra; sometimes spelled Amon or Amen). Richard Myers wrote in the 2003 book The Basics of Chemistry:

During ancient times, ammonia was produced by the distillation of animal dung, hooves, and horn. In fact, the name is derived from the ancient Egyptian deity Amun who was known to the Greeks as Ammon. Greeks observed the preparation of ammonia from dung in Egypt from sal ammoniac (ammonium chloride) near the temple of Amun. Sal ammoniac or “salt of Ammon” is an ammonium-bearing mineral (ammonium chloride) of volcanic origin.

An article about ancient oracles and a Temple of Amun may be read online: “Egypt: The Temple of the Oracle (Temple of Amun) at the Siwa Oasis in Egypt” by Jimmy Dunn.

Dec 15

More than 500 years have passed since the birth of the man who has become one of the most controversial historical figures associated with ‘paranormal phenomena’ (in this case prophecy) — Michel de Nostredeme (‘Nostradamus’ 1503-1566).

Since writing the previous blog post about Nostradamus two years ago, I’ve discovered that Peter Lemesurier in his book The Unknown Nostradamus (2003) provided an English translation of a letter in Latin by Nostradamus to Francois Bérard dated August 27, 1562. An online Lemesurier translation of this letter may be read at alt.prophecies.Nostradamus. The book translation includes the following passage.

Be advised therefore that for nine nights in succession I have sat from midnight until about four o’clock both with my brow crowned with laurel and wearing the skyblue stone and, as it were on the tripod, have wrung out of that good spirit about your ring. Therefore, having plucked a swan’s quill (for he thrice refused a goose one), and with the spirit dictating to me, as though carried away by a poetic frenzy I launched myself into the following lines:

In the letter “Michael the Archangel” is referred to as “my invincible patron.”

In 1995 I found that Nostradamus had presented a “Preface to First Edition” introducing his quatrains with a document from Salon dated March 1, 1555 described as “A Letter of Dedication to his son, Caesar Nostradamus” (a dedicatory preface to the first edition of Les Propheties). Another letter known as the “Epistle to Henry II” (1558) was another document offering commentary about his work. In this blog article, I am quoting from the Peter Lemesurier translations of letters and quatrains that can be found in his Nostradamus: The Illustrated Prophecies (2003).

In the 1555 letter, Nostradamus mentioned “that about which the Divine Being has granted me knowledge through astronomical cycles.” He explained, “. . . I had determined to go as far as declaring in abstruse and puzzling utterances the future causes of the ‘common advent,’ even those truly cogent ones that I have foreseen . . . By the grace of immortal God and the good angels these [prophets] have received the spirit of prophecy, by which they see distant things and succeed in foreseeing future events, for nothing can be achieved without Him. So great is Their power and goodness to their subjects that all the while they abide in these two — while still subject to all other influences — that prophetic heat and power visits us in the similitude of the essence of the spirit of goodness, just as the rays of the sun reach us, casting their influence over elementary and non elementary bodies alike . . . But thanks to some indivisible timelessness via epileptic trance, things are known through the movement of the heavens . . . intellectually based understanding is incapable of seeing occultly in what direction things to come will tend — other than through the voice with the aid of the hem, and through the tiny flame . . . Nevertheless, whether by vague hunches that exceed all natural reason or by inspired dreams, it also happens from time to time that God the creator, through the ministry of his messengers of fire, proposes in the form of the flame that he sends, even to our eyes, the causes of future predictions signifying the future events that are to appear to the one who prophesies.”

Upon reflecting about the work of Nostradamus, one of the things that became evident to me was that there was no connection to be found between the individual known as ‘Mabus’ in Century II, Quatrain 62 (a translation is included below) with the ‘Antichrist’ mentioned later in Century VIII. At the present time, the ‘Mabus’ pattern can be found as an anagram within the name of United States President Barack hUSsein oBAMa II while the U.S. Secretary of the Navy is Raymond Edwin MABUS, Jr. In Nostradamus: The Illustrated Prophecies Lemesurier wrote that anagrams were “a fashionable device at the time, especially for encoding sensitive proper names.”

The second letter included as an appendix to the book is entitled “Translation of Nostradamus’s dedicatory foreword of 1558 to the final installment of Les Propheties, addressed to ‘Henri King of France the Second.’” In the letter to Henry II (killed while jousting shortly afterwards), statements about multiple ‘Antichrists’ are associated with unchristian beliefs and the resultant evils and wars.

Nostradamus explained: “. . . it is to a Prince most prudent and wise that I have dedicated my nocturnal and prophetic computations, put together by natural instinct, accompanied by poetic frenzy, rather than by poetic rule, for the most part composed and harmonized with Astronomical calculations . . . and which I have composed in an instinctive manner.”

Here is another informative passage —

But the violence of the times requires, O most serene King, that such secret events be expressed only in enigmatic terms, having but one sole sense and single meaning, free of ambiguous or equivocal reckoning — nay, rather under a cloudy obscurity in the form of an instinctive inpouring akin to the utterances of the one thousand and two prophets that have been since the world began. As the reckoning and Punic Chronicle of Joel has it, Effundam spiritum meum super omnem carnem, et prophetabunt filii vestri, et filiae vestrae. But such prophecy proceeded from the mouth of the Holy Spirit, which was the sovereign eternal power, in conjunction with the celestial, and some of this number predicted great and marvelous happenings; for me, I in no way attribute to myself such a title here. God forbid! I confess truly that the whole of it comes from God, and render him thanks, honor, and immortal praise, without having adulterated it with any of that divination that comes a fato, but a Deo, a natura, and most of it confirmed by the movements of the celestial round, rather like seeing it in a burning mirror, as though with clouded sight, the great and ominous events and the calamitous happenings that loom at the hands of members of the major religious groups.

Cases of what is today known as ‘channeling’ show correlations of great complexity. As I’ve mentioned before, Elizabeth Fuller in Poor Elizabeth’s Almanac (1980) chronicled that during an expedition-research trip in the Himalayas in 1979 with her husband John G. Fuller (a metaphysical author himself), she found herself engaged in what parapsychologists have called ‘automatic writing’ and was confronted with 121 proverbs “reminiscent of Ben Franklin’s Poor Richard’s Almanac.” Some other documented channeling cases include that of ‘the invisible author’ who became known as ‘Patience Worth’, Chico Xavier, Jane Roberts and ‘Seth’, and Rosemary Brown, to name a few.

The use of the word ‘channeling’ expresses an awareness of an inspiration or creativity beyond oneself. This is certainly applicable to the case of Nostradamus as chronicled in his writings. Conscious creativity can be a form of channeling with examples provided in the blog articles “Some Reflections about Channeling and the Creative Process”, “Hotel California” and “Case Study: Philo and Elma Farnsworth”. Therefore, It is worthwhile to observe correlations between what is written in the Nostradamus quatrains with known occurrences, as many authors have done over the years.

Regarding an all-knowing transcendental source reflected through the writings of Nostradamus, translators present differing English wordings so intrinsic meanings are perhaps what should be contemplated. Peter Lemesurier noticed what he described as “the positively kaleidoscopic nature of the whole work.” The work of printers would influence the published editions of Les Propheties as printing-house disparities resulted with textual variations among copies of any given edition.

In The Unknown Nostradamus, Lemesurier reported about astrological lore published in books in the years prior to Les Propheties. One ‘framework’ or ‘model’ “claimed to cover the ‘four seasons of the world’ that allegedly made up the 7000 predestined years of its existence . . . world history, on this model, was said to comprise three great celestial cycles of 2480 years each,” with constituent ages each ruled over by a different planet and archangel. The current ‘third cycle’ would be finished after the age ruled over by the Archangel Michael and the Sun (starting in AD 1887 and concluding in 2242). Lemesurier wrote that Richard Roussat in a 1549/50 book broke new ground by hinting that there could be a following cycle and “possibly a golden age this time.” The ‘fourth cycle’ would eventually conclude in 4368.

Although Lemesurier’s opinion (from The Illustrated Prophecies) is that Nostradamus “was, in effect, merely reinterpreting whole rafts of ancient end-time prophecies by prominent saints and divines . . .,” this perspective discounts the comments by Nostradamus suggesting he was some manner of amanuensis. The spelling of some names in the quatrains could reflect phonetic variations. I, myself, experienced incidents of clairaudience (or ‘ghost voices’) while investigating a ‘talking poltergeist’ haunting in Oklahoma encompassing an enigmatic entity known to the family by the name ‘Michael’ — a relatively ’safe’ situation for someone to hear disembodied communication when considering some of the beliefs of contemporary mental health practitioners.

That summer of 1995, upon my return to my native Los Angeles (‘The Angels’) only to find the paranormal phenomena continuing to occur in my presence, there was at least one instance of clairvoyance that I experienced (seeing a missile ascending in the sky in the vicinity of Dodger Stadium). My metaphysical research was motivated by the diverse unexplained events in my life that included two bushes outside my condo going up in flames on different occasions the previous year. I found myself in a relationship with an unseen being named ‘Michael’ so I could easily accept that Nostradamus had also been involved in a similar relationship although in 1995 I didn’t know that there was actual documentation for this. My decision then was to try to learn as much as I could about other cases of paranormal phenomena, including Nostradamus; and also to see what I could discover about the history of beliefs concerning the Archangel Michael. Gustav Davidson in his book A Dictionary of Angels Including the Fallen Angels (1967) began his article about the Archangel as follows:

Michael (“who is as God”)—in Biblical and post-Biblical lore, Michael ranks as the greatest of all angels, whether in Jewish, Christian, or Islamic writings, secular or religious.

The following are some selected Nostradamus quatrains for readers today showing some noticed correlations to occurrences in recent years. Some of the selected quatrains reflect my own introspection in relation to my unusual life experiences that provide insights about what might best be described as ‘Christ Consciousness.’

Reading through the quatrains last week, I wondered if one could possibly correlate “the Easterner” of Century II, Quatrain 29—”with his rod he’ll strike both one and all”—with the Fukushima nuclear disaster and the resulting radioactive contamination, although we don’t know the extent of the damage to the global ecosystem. If we human beings collectively aren’t able to prevent or deal with these disasters, one is left to wonder how many more ‘Easterners’ there will be.

I begin this selection of quatrains with Century I, Quatrain 87. Although there were some fabricated Nostradamus quatrains circulated following the events on September 11, 2001, one authentic translated quatrain shows correlations with ‘center’ (World Trade Center), ‘New City’ (New York City) and ‘two nobles’ (the USA and UK) waging ‘a fruitless war’ (translated from a sentence with the letter sequence USA in the word used by Nostradamus published as ‘Arethusa’).

Concerning the prophecies of a ‘Grand Monarque,’ a spiritually aware reader will associate contemporary parallels with what is expressed as ‘Christ Consciousness’ in the channeled reading transcripts of ‘the sleeping prophet’ Edgar Cayce.

Century I, Quatrain 87

Earth-shaking fires from the world’s center roar:
Around ‘New City’ is the earth a-quiver.
Two nobles long shall wage a fruitless war,
The nymph of springs pour forth a new, red river.


Century I, Quatrain 95

Before the cloister is a twin child found
Of blood heroic by old, decrepit friar.
His fame, through every tongue, power, creed shall sound,
Such as that living twin to raise yet higher.


Century I, Quatrain 96

He who was charged with dashing to the ground
Churches and sects shall change upon a whim.
The stones more than the people he shall wound,
By flowery speech hearing restored to him.


Century II, Quatrain 10

Before too long shall all change for the worse:
We see ahead an age that’s upside-down.
Of monks and whores they shall the roles reverse:
Few shall be pleased their proper state to own.


Century II, Quatrain 13

The soulless corpse shall no more suffering know:
On th’ day of death it shall be born anew.
On it the Holy Ghost shall bliss bestow,
As soul th’ eternal Word shall plainly view.


Century II, Quatrain 29

Forth from his seat the Easterner shall go:
He’ll cross the Apennines, he’ll see fair Gaul.
Onward he’ll press through heaven’s rains and snow
And with his rod he’ll strike both one and all.


Century II, Quatrain 46

The woes once past, yet greater are at hand:
The Mover starts a new age once again.
Famine, war, plague; both blood and milk shall rain:
Fire seen in heaven, trailing its blazing brand.


Century II, Quatrain 62

Then, Mabus shortly dying, there shall be
Of man and beast a massacre most dread.
Then suddenly they’ll awful vengeance see:
Thirst, famine, blood, with comet overhead.


Century II, Quatrain 70

The mighty comet o’er the sky shall sprawl:
Killed in mid-sentence, many shall have died,
Blasted the tree, the haughty race shall fall:
Brute human monsters, expiation tried.


Century III, Quatrain 94

After five hundred years more heed they’ll take
Of him who was th’ adornment of his age.
Then light effulgent suddenly shall break
Such as that time’s great pleasure to engage.


Century V, Quatrain 96

At the world’s center rules the mighty rose:
For projects new the state and folk shall bleed.
If truth were told, t’were best one’s mouth to close,
Till comes th’ awaited one in hour of need.


Century X, Quatrain 65

O mighty Rome, your ruin is at hand —
Not to your walls, but to your living part:
He of the harsh-writ name such woes has planned,
His sword [poinctu] shall pierce all to the hilt and heart.


Century X, Quatrain 72

When 1999 is seven months o’er
Shall a great King and host — on heaven’s part, he —
Restore the King from Angoumois once more,
Ere, after March, he’ll reign propitiously.


Century X, Quatrain 73

The present time as well as all the past
The mighty man of God shall judge that day,
And yet the world shall tire of him at last,
And priestly lawyers shall the man betray.


Century X, Quatrain 79

Old roads with new embellishments they’ll fit:
As though to ancient Memphis they shall go,
As Gallic Hercules’ mercurial writ
Earth, sea and all the land shall quaking know.


Dec 08

Above is a page of photos from William Moreira’s book.

The following excerpts are from “Dr. Fritz” The Phenomenon of the Millennium (2002) by William Moreira.  The book is a case study of trance medium healer Rubens Faria, Jr. in Rio de Janeiro — after going into a trance, Faria is unconscious as his body is borrowed by ‘Dr. Fritz.’

Moreira wrote:

With “Dr. Fritz,” besides the other unexplained phenomena, the one that has science most perplexed is the turpentine, alcohol and iodine mixture that when injected by “Dr. Fritz” instantly becomes blood or whatever is necessary to heal the patient.  Only “Dr. Fritz” can inject it or the person will die of poisoning.  Now, the question is, what makes the difference to the substance being injected?  What is considered impossible by man is happening and the power behind it is showing us that they can do what we cannot as a message.

Moreira wrote the case study after being healed at Faria’s clinic and commented that he wished all people could learn about what was happening there “and see what life is all about.”

Excerpt from the chapter “Day Two at ‘Dr. Fritz’ on my second trip, Saturday, October 1995 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, at Rua Nova York, 326 in Bonsucesso.”

Marcia Rodrigues, 38 years old, mother of two girls, Loyla, 10, and Katlen, 3, lives in Rio at Rua Catulo Cearense 4, apt. 403 in the borough of Engenho de Dentro.  She became a paraplegic and was condemned to a wheelchair after four disastrous spinal surgeries.  Also her chest had two big platinum plates inserted in it and she had trouble breathing and swallowing.  After one hour and ten minutes of surgery and an incision more than eight inches long, “Dr. Fritz” said that he spent most of the time repairing the damage done by the four previous surgeries at the Sao Paulo Medical Center.  Less than one hour later, he told Marcia to walk.  He helped her to stand and when she doubted she could do it he picked her up at the waist and started walking with her.  Since then, she can walk and even runs after buses.  I saw it a few times.  This gives me the feeling of gratitude to the spiritual world.

Marcia’s surgery was the turning point in my life because I saw the impossible become possible.  Without anesthesia her spine was opened, bones were moved while she was lying down as if she were relaxing.  Also he took only 15 seconds to analyze the pile of x-rays and medical reports and to start the right operation.  “Dr. Fritz” was upset with all the wrong work done by the wrong diagnosis.  Marcia wanted to become part of the regular staff to help around the “hospital” and “Dr. Fritz” agreed.  Her only setback was the platinum plate inside her chest.  Our miracle man does not create or change bones because man did not supply him with a whole hospital facility or it could be done.  Marcia’s breathing was much better anyway.  She also started a book The Miracles of Dr. Fritz.  She gave me her story and details of her private life in a notebook and she will testify with all her medical files what was wrongly done to her.  She could not walk and now she’s completely recovered from her back disability.

Excerpts from the chapter “Day Three at ‘Dr. Fritz’ on my second trip, Monday, October 1995 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, at Rua Nova York, 326 in Bonsucesso.”

Marcia Rodrigues, who is walking thanks to spiritual phenomena, came in today as a helper and to have the big platinum plate removed from her chest because it causes her pain and it has no purpose at all.  At 11 A.M. “Dr. Fritz” started the surgery!

It took about 30 minutes to remove the plate in Marcia’s chest.  When I came in with my camera, he said no pictures.  Now I understand because they exposed Marcia’s breasts.  I traded my camera for a tray with the cheesecloth used for “cleanup” and it was my excuse for staying to witness all the details.  During the hour after surgery “Dr. Fritz” came back several times to check Marcia’s heartbeat!

The speed with which “Dr. Fritz” does the surgeries could never be done by a regular human being!  He cuts so fast that it looks like it is an electric tool.  He goes around vibrating with his movements.  When using the scalpel I noticed the cut is done with very small steps or vibrating, like looking for a “road” for the sequence!

Four medical doctors and two students were watching and asking questions and “Dr. Fritz” answered with patience and showed every detail of his movements.  Two older doctors in their late 60s who were both surgeons were astonished that nothing normal such as anesthesia or sterilization was done.  There were no complaints from the patient.

Again, many doctors and students asked me not to include them in the pictures because they could be expelled from the Medical Association or from school.  One lady doctor was monitoring Marcia’s heartbeat and telling “Dr. Fritz” what it was.  He acknowledged her help with a big obrigado (thank you).  After he finished the surgery in about 20 minutes and the spilled blood was just a teaspoonful, he directed a doctor to stitch the big incision but not in a hurry.  When this doctor put the needle into the flesh he stopped and gave “Dr. Fritz” a look that said that if he [the doctor] had no faith in the spiritual world then he ["Dr. Fritz"] better give the needle to someone else.  The doctor took a deep breath and then began stitching but he was breathless!

Poking around the cut while it was being stitched, he asked her if she was in pain.  A few times her pulse dropped.  The doctor ran scared and called “Dr. Fritz” who came back to Marcia, touched her pulse and immediately injected her heart with his “mixture” and then stayed almost one minute staring at her face!  I believe his action was as if he was monitoring her whole system.  About one hour later Marcia was walking around helping other patients while she had a chest full of stitches!

All day long I saw lines for help with knees, spinal problems and saw tumors removed while people were sitting or standing and even saw a bad tooth pulled!  (He does not pull out teeth but this patient was crying from the pain and he used an electricians plier to yank it out.)  Children were coming by the dozens (because of a newspaper article) and they are the doctor’s favorites.

Dec 01

Testament photo caption: “June Ellis and a spirit at Grocery Store in Wapanucka, Oklahoma on Highway 7 / A. W. Ellis”

The articles at this blog present information that will expand readers’ awareness of aspects of life that are sometimes categorized or described as ‘paranormal phenomena.’  As with other recurring subjects, there is broad documentation of the channeling cases that have been selected as topics, including Rosemary Brown, Edgar Cayce, Eileen Garrett, Mark Probert, and Chico Xavier, among others.

Recent blog articles have focused on spiritual healing encompassing trance mediumship/’channeling’ — a process resulting with vivid evidence of what William Moreira called in his 2002 book “Dr. Fritz” The Phenomenon of the Millennium “a free intelligent power doing what is considered impossible.”

I, myself, became acquainted with such a ‘power’ after setting out to investigate a so-called “talking poltergeist” haunting in rural Oklahoma during the summer of 1995.  In recent years, this blog has reported about psychic phenomena (including clairvoyance and clairaudience), direct voice/independent voice phenomena (disembodied speech), and physical (materialization) mediumship.  Numerous people have reported experiencing ‘voice hearing’ (disembodied speech) and this suggests the universality of this phenomenon.  Some have reported experiencing ‘voice hearing’ on a singular or few occasions during their lives, including Martin Luther King, Jr.

Other blog topics have included rare forms of mentality (including Jill Price, Clive Wearing and Dissociative Identity Disorder cases), Near Death Experiences, synchronicity, automatic writing, Electronic Voice Phenomena and Instrumental Transcommunication, Spiritualism, UFOlogy and flying saucer ‘contactees,’ the ‘talking poltergeist’ cases (including the ‘Bell Witch’ case), and cases suggestive of individual physical reincarnation.

William Moreira wrote in his 2002 case study book about trance medium healer Rubens de Faria, Jr.: “With all the media and communications in our world I am more frightened and amazed at how men can ignore what is going (on) with these phenomena.”  Similar predicaments were pondered in the blog articles “John of God and the Media” and “Rosemary Brown and the Media”.

Moreira described how he was cured of several maladies in the summer of 1995.  On four different days at Faria’s clinic in Rio de Janeiro, Moreira was treated for a thyroid condition, shoulder injuries, and a bone fragment was removed from his right knee.  He estimated that more than 2,000 people a day were being treated and sometimes as much as 3,000 between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m.  The expression ’spirit’ to describe ‘Dr. Fritz’ when used by Moreira is a convenient term signifying an individual personality who has made the transition to an ascended realm of existence yet is able to manifest on Earth through inhabiting the body of a medium/channeler during brief interims.

Moreira’s book began as a journal and reveals his frame of mind at the time of his spiritual awakening.  He had become a resident of the United States after growing up in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.  Moreira returned in October 1995 to the cement-walled warehouse that served as a makeshift hospital for Faria.  This time Moreira brought photographic equipment.  Included in Moreira’s book are numerous black and white photos of Faria treating his patients.  A similarity is noticeable between the names of Rubens de Faria, Jr. and ‘John of God’ (João Teixeira de Faria).

‘Dr. Fritz’ revealed himself as a ‘more-knowing’ rather than ‘all-knowing’ personality as he made some statements that would in time prove incorrect.  For example,  Moreira learned —

“Dr Fritz” announced that in the second millennium or less than five years he is leaving our area because he will have accomplished his mission and Rubens is going with him.  He even predicted that Rubens will be shot three times, dying immediately without any suffering, but this date could be delayed by a few years.  He’s going to another part of the Universe and Rubens must go with him, because he belongs to his group and it is a reward.  “Dr. Fritz” wants Rubens to start preparing himself spiritually and that is the reason for telling him now.  At the moment Rubens does not accept it gracefully!

On the fifth day of his second trip to Rio de Janeiro, Moreira befriended a three-year-old boy.  When he brought him to ‘Dr. Fritz,’ Moreira heard the doctor say that the two of them had the same problem.  Moreira learned that the boy was born deaf but after eight visits for ear injections he was showing signs that his condition was improving.  Moreira remembered an operation twenty years earlier that damaged his left inner ear.  After an injection by ‘Dr. Fritz,’ Moreira soon noticed he, himself, was hearing in both ears again.

Moreira commented about the operations —

There are many things that we find perplexing.  It seems impossible while he is working with people he talks and smiles, cuts tumors out, gives shots, writes prescriptions and everything else while he is walking and often not even physically looking at the patient.  Even my photos show the power of the spiritual world in our daily life.  I asked him if he must look at his movements.  He said it is not necessary for him and then he even joked that spirits have no eyes!  Well, he proves it for sure while doing his performance!

The small loss of blood or none at all plus the absence of pain is all done by a great spiritual power that moves as very intelligent energy, also called spiritual fluid.

Moreira’s book was written in memory of his daughter Carol, who was run over by a truck in New York City in February 1996.  He described an incident eighteen days after her burial when after awaking one morning he twice heard her voice telling him to read page fifty.  He then “opened dozens of books and none made any sense, except for page fifty of The Gospel According to Spiritism.  It is a true consolation to those who have a loved one who has gone back to the spiritual world.”  There was a second clairaudient occurrence on March 30 after Moreira’s grandson hurt himself on the playground: “. . . I heard it clear from somewhere, ‘Nothing Serious.’”

Moreira also described a visual experience when his daughter’s face became discernible in an incandescent light.  “That beautiful ghost gave a smile and slowly disappeared and I know it only lasted seconds, but it was enough time for me to engrave it clear in my memory forever.”

When he returned to Rio de Janeiro in May 1996, Faria’s hospital had relocated to a larger facility.  Moreira noticed that a greater percentage of patients were being healed by injection without noticeable surgery.  The injections occurred so quickly that he estimated an average of 125 to 200 people were being treated an hour.  ‘Dr. Fritz’ told him that he was going to let Faria visit New York for a one week vacation “because he was working long hours five or six days a week for almost twelve years without time off and he was going to a real friend’s house.”

The New York visit by Faria and his wife occurred in June 1996.  The Farias began the vacation in a hotel but they soon decided to stay as guests in Moreira’s house.  Moreira interviewed ‘Dr. Fritz’ and this portion of the book features a question and answer transcript.  Moreira noted that he did his best to recall and put into words what was said by ‘Dr. Fritz.’

The story of “Dr. Fritz’s” past is irrelevant as he told me.  In his last reincarnation he was born in Germany, was a surgeon and discarnated (died) in the First World War while working as a surgeon on the front in 1914.  How he died and all the details are not important because what he is doing with the message of his actions is what counts.

Dr. F: When man uses the gift of free will and his mind intellectually toward the marvelous and splendorous steps in the direction of the spiritual light beamed at them then and only then will everything change.  Planet Earth will not be a hospital school for souls but the paradise that many dream about and believe it should be eternally for all.  Nature is beautiful but man needs his intellectuality to see and appreciate it otherwise he will be like an animal passing a flower garden without appreciating it.

Dr. F.: Remember the Universe is sublime and infinite.  Our planet Earth is a learning stratum and we never stop.  Science will never stop upgrading itself.  The universe is not a task that will end and we as part of it will always be going up in a spiral of light.  No one will ever be bored, because the beauty of God’s creation is so divine that there is no imagination, words or pictures to fantasize about it because the restriction of our mind at this stage is incapable of such magnitude.

Dr. F.: The brain is the organ that sends electrical impulses to the whole body through the nervous system controlled by the will of the soul.

After being the recipient of spiritual healing, William Moreira desired to inform others to expand their spiritual awareness and “Dr. Fritz” The Phenomenon of the Millennium is the result.  Once when I, myself, had the opportunity to interview a spiritual healer who was seeking to publicize his new autobiography and was hopeful about a movie being made about his life, I expressed my concern about the possibility of distortion and exploitation.  The healer replied, “I’d have to run a very close rein on it.”  He indicated that what was most important was his “message.”  This is how I feel about my own predicament and I am certain that all the authors whose work has been profiled at this blog feel this way.

It is humbling to consider that my own spiritual awakening enabled me to personally witness a diverse and eclectic gamut of occurrences revealing evidence of an intermediary Christ Force/spiritual Oneness in my life.  Making such a statement often motivates people to dismiss me as a “crank” but they haven’t read my case study book Testament (1997) nor do they have any knowledge of my life experiences.  Considering different responses to cases involving ‘unexplained phenomena’ provides insights to social conditions in the present and also in the past.

I described some of the events that I experienced in 2004 and 2007 news releases —

“In the Bell Witch case, there was an incident where the haunting Entity repeated two different ministers’ sermons in their own voices after they’d spoken in different locations at the same time earlier that day.  In Centrahoma, Twyla Eller told me about an incident where she overheard her sister and a friend talk about a flat tire.  Later, Twyla witnessed the same conversation when it actually occurred so she said it was as if their house had recorded it before it happened.  I thought of these occurrences following my return to L.A.  My TV set started going off whenever I began to watch it.  Upon turning on MTV’s ‘The Real World’ set in London, at that precise moment one of the roommates was complaining that their telephone service had stopped working and then my TV went off.

“The range of my experiences throughout my life enabled me to find parallels between the account of the Angelic Force called ‘Michael’ by the family in Oklahoma with what has been recorded about the Angel Who spoke to Moses in the Mount, was mentioned as an ‘angelical spirit’ in the Nostradamus 1555 letter to his son, used Edgar Cayce as a channel, was referred to as ‘The Mahatmas’ by The Secret Doctrine author Madame Blavatsky, communicated via the Ouija Board to inspire the Messages From Michael books, and was glimpsed in a near death experience by Dr. George Ritchie as described in his book Return From Tomorrow.”

“My experiences and research have shown me that all living things are continuously interacting with an intermediary Superconsciousness or Spiritual Force that may be recognized through circumstances often described as coincidences and synchronicity, intuition and telepathy, prophetic dreams and visions, mediumship and trance channeling, healing, as well as events associated with such expressions as ‘hauntings,’ ‘talking poltergeists’ and ‘electronic voice phenomena.’  This predicament might be articulated as all living things having a shared Subconscious Mind and ‘Thought Conductor.’ Such expressions as ‘Oneness’ and ‘Christ Consciousness’ are also useful.”

Above is a page of photos from William Moreira’s book.

Nov 24

Above is a page of photos from William Moreira’s book.

William Moreira is the author of a case study of his experiences and research relating to “Dr. Fritz” The Phenomenon of the Millennium (2002) involving Rubens de Faria, Jr., the Brazilian trance channel medium healer.

Beginning the book is Moreira’s letter sent in December 1995 to twenty well-known American television programs (with some typographical errors corrected for this article). Moreira was a resident of Weehawken, New Jersey at the time. I am also presenting his “Note From The Author” that followed the letter in the book.

Soon after arriving at Faria’s makeshift ‘hospital’ that Moreira witnessed to be “a clinic for miracles,” he heard “Rubens giving a few explanatory speeches about how everyone should behave and how to concentrate on God, Jesus and the spiritual doctors that will come to help ‘Dr. Fritz.’”

To: American Media
Sixty Minutes, CNN, 20/20 and seventeen TV Programs
Re: Now in the twentieth-century we can physically prove to our world that God exists! To the unbelievers, naturally!
To Whom It May Concern:

1. Again what we think is impossible in our material world is happening in Brazil. Dr. Adolf Fritz is doing surgery on people without anesthesia or in any modern sterile way. It only takes seconds to do it and there is no pain or recovery time needed. Why this phenomenon? This was the answer of “Dr. Fritz,” “With the permission of God, the help of Jesus and more than 3,000 spiritual doctors are all I need.”

2. I had surgery (June 27, 1995, at St. Mary’s Hospital in Hoboken, N.J. by Dr. John W. Carmody, M.D.) on my right shoulder. I needed surgery on my left shoulder and right knee (I was on crutches). My left eye needed scraping, I had arthritis and 20 years ago they shrank my thyroid with 8 microns (iodine). I was in great pain and desperate just thinking of the recovery and therapy period after surgery with no guaranty of health. This is a torture for any soul.

3. I am 62 years old, a resident of this great country for more than 41 years, financially secure and born with many talents. I am a classical painter (my opinion), a great chef (owned several restaurants), very handy (carpenter, bricklayer, plumber, gardener, writer, fixes almost anything, etc. and to finish up, I earned my pilot’s certificate in May of 1993, and a few months ago I upgraded it to complex high performance aircraft with aerobatic lessons). Nevertheless, I had no time for God. I used to tell my family He did not need me because I was nobody or too small to account for anything in the immense universe. I always believed in Him, the reincarnation and that “pains are the process needed to get a better life,” I thought this was only common sense. Now I have proof that it’s more than common sense!

4. A friend of mine came to my house to ask me to fly and I was half dead lying on the sofa. I needed someone to pull me up to a standing position due to pain in my shoulders and even then I could hardly walk because of my right knee. He told me to go to Rio de Janeiro and see “Dr. Fritz” and gave me the phone number of some friends there who would take me to see this spiritual doctor.

5. A week later, Sunday the 13th of August, I arrived in Rio full of faith and hope. “Dr. Fritz” was on “60 Minutes” many years ago (I do not recall the exact date) as a “medium” called Arigo. After his death (1971) he came back in the second “medium” called Edson Queiroz. Now for the third time he is with the “medium” Rubens de Faria, Junior, 41 years old, a communications engineer who works four days a week with “Dr. FRITZ,” averaging 16 hours a day. This has been going on for the past 10 years.

7. The area where the miracles of phenomena happen is a middle class neighborhood (near Rio’s International Airport). He uses a warehouse with a tin roof where the heat reaches more than 100 degrees in the afternoon. They do not sterilize the surgical instruments nor are the patients prepared. “Dr. Fritz” told me his operating room is invisible to us. It is a million years ahead of our time. (I do not believe a writer in Hollywood could ever think up a story like this one, because it is beyond human capacity!)

8. On August 14, 1995 I sat there from 8:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. just thanking God for what I was seeing. (They serve free, hot vegetable soup, sandwiches and hot tea if you wish).

9. At 9:00 A.M. Mr. Rubens came in and a few minutes later “Dr. FRITZ arrived.” You can immediately see the difference in personality. Mr. Rubens uses thick glasses with big open eyes and “Dr. Fritz” takes the glasses off and his eyes are half closed.

10. In a few minutes the place looks like a battlefield from the first world war. On the simple walls there is a half-painted very large face of Jesus. Church music fills the air; pleasantly, quietly and softly (Ave Maria, chorus, etc.). People must be quiet and pray.

11. Even if you come in at 5:00 A.M. and get the first number, “Dr. Fritz” walks around picking his patients on a priority basis. They fill the twenty operating tables in minutes. The tables are made of plywood with a clean sheet over them and without pillows because the surgery only takes a few seconds or minutes and there is no recovery time, the patients just get up and walk home; painless and healed from their illness!

12. Eye and most spinal surgeries are done, standing in line, while knee surgery patients sit in a chair. “Dr. Fritz” and his helpers use surgical gloves and I wonder why because they do not sterilize the instruments. When he chips bones, cuts out a tumor, etc. it goes in the tray of a medical cart being wheeled around after him. A few times a day they fill the cart.

13. When “Dr. FRITZ” came in, in front of me was a young beautiful lady (25-years-old with her baby in a stroller). “Dr. Fritz” came in with a scalpel, told her to turn around, pulled her blouse down a foot and with the sharp instrument made a cut about 3 inches long and more than one inch deep. Maybe one drop of blood came out of the incision. He exposed her spine, and chipped out a small piece of bone and dropped it in the tray. He roughly moved the vertebra, then with two fingers closed the wound as if it was done with double-sided tape and said to a helper, “Stitches!” “Dr. Fritz” did it in less than 30 seconds. The helper took more than ten minutes to put in about ten stitches. The woman left pushing the stroller like nothing had happened. I wished someone had taped the expression on my face because I was so amazed.

14. I asked to be the last and I sat there all day, as if in beautiful strange dreams, while they helped to alleviate the suffering of more than 1,000 people.

15. When I stood in front of “Dr. Fritz” (about 9:45 P.M.) he asked in good English, “What’s your problem?” I said, “All over, I am having a skeleton breakdown!”

16. He said, “It’s nothing that bad. I am going to start with your thyroid.” Nineteen years ago I almost died from hyperthyroidism. I could not have surgery at that time at San Diego Medical Hospital and they shrank it with ten microns (iodine) and my nightmare began. Since (over 24 years) then I take one Synthroid tablet daily and it is critical.

17. “Dr. Fritz” went to a bowl (used previously for salad) and filled two syringes with his mixture of turpentine, alcohol and iodine and with a thick needle injected it in my throat. Before I could think about the pain, he threw the empty syringes in the tray. Like hundreds of people all day, you do not know when he did it!

18. After that he said, “You are going to feel better, but you must come back three more times on Saturdays.” I walked out 80 percent better without my cane and with tears in my eyes. Next Monday morning I went to Delta Airlines and extended my trip to 30 days.

19. On my second visit I was there at 7 A.M. and got a white ticket with the number 241. For the whole day I sat in a hard chair in a 100 degree heat and the time passed so quickly it could have been just one minute. At 8:00 P.M. “Dr. Fritz” walked right up to me, touched my right shoulder with the two big scars from surgery 25 years ago and June 27, 1995. After that last surgery I had an only 50% recovery and a lot of pain with restricted movement.

20. First he gave me a shot of his “special mixture” then he put a surgical scissors in front of the scars. It went in at least two inches and I felt it cut. When he finished, in about five seconds, he put his fingers over the wound and covered the cut with tape. I felt the touch and cut but no pain. He told me to put up my arm and I did it as if nothing had been done. Next day the thin scar was almost invisible. For my third visit I was there at 5:00 A.M. and got number 114. Because I was not an emergency “Dr. Fritz” picked me and about 120 others to work on after 8 P.M. Even if he had picked me in the morning I had no intention of leaving before the place closed.

21. This time “Dr. Fritz” worked on my left shoulder where I had cortisone shots, x-rays and after my 30 days in Brazil, I planned to go for surgery. “Dr. Fritz” said I had “lots of scar tissue” and calcification (the doctor in Hoboken had said the same). He got the “surgical scissors” and went to work cutting inside the shoulder. Then he picked up the scalpel and started cutting and I felt some pain. He stopped and gave me a shot of his “mixture.” It felt warm like a “glow all over the area.” He began cutting and scraping for another few seconds. After he finished, he told one of his helpers (a young lady about 25 years old) to begin stitching in two minutes.

22. After six grotesque stitches they told me to go to a pharmacy next day. Their pharmacies (in Brazil) gave shots and remove stitches. I asked what was the care and was told: none!

23. The next day, he gave me a shot in my right knee. Then he put a tweezer in through my knee and pulled out a fragment of bone and said, “That was your trouble.” I suffered no pain or bleeding whatsoever. I started to get up with hesitancy and while walking I realized to my amazement that I was walking normally and painlessly.

24. “Dr. Fritz” never walks, he runs. Because I have a big mouth he spent three minutes with me. The trick may have been my English. (If I had spoken German maybe the conversation would have been longer!).

25. I learned that Mr. Rubens was coming to New York the end of September or beginning of October. I spoke to him and “Dr. Fritz” about coming to my house and they agreed because we became friends.

26. I told “Dr. Fritz” that our suffering planet should know about him, because our medicines are still too primitive to help us in our physical and moral pain. Both agreed that this is his message to everyone on our planet and I could do my part to help!

27. Any contribution given to him is spent on expenses to run the facilities and everyone is a volunteer. Whatever is left is used to buy medicine and food for the poor, because Brazil has no welfare. Mr. Rubens works three days a week as an electronics engineer to make a living. If he could charge for his work, then he would be the richest and most famous man in the world after Jesus Christ! What he is doing through his mediumship is a gift from the spiritual world. Vanity and money are not on his agenda! Love and charity have no price and the only reward is spiritual.

28. “Dr. Fritz” said his time on our planet is short and he is trying hard to let his brothers (everyone) realize that God is here in our hearts. We must try to help each other, because there is so much pain and misery. He knows he cannot change the world. Nevertheless, everybody can make it better with spiritual and material progress. With the permission of God, he came here to help and teach us the kindness and power of God. That’s why he does not need a million dollar surgical suite, anesthesia, sterilization, etc. The magnet fluid from the Creator and the good spirits is everything. Our body is just a wonderful machine controlled by our soul.

29. Because God gave us freedom to do what we think, Mr. Rubens (Dr. Fritz) is being persecuted by the church, medical associations and even Spiritists themselves who accuse him of working with the Devil.

Now I ask? Since when is the “devil” healing?

Unfortunately, we are surrounded by devils in the form of egoism, jealousy, greed, vanity and worse all with a mask of “Saints!”

30. September 10 (after 30 days in Brazil) at 7:00 A.M., I arrived at JFK Airport and this time I did not drag myself on crutches to my waiting grandchildren. I ran and grabbed them in my arms (I thought I would never be able to do this again). We all cried from happiness and then I said, “Thank you God, thank you Jesus, thank you Dr. Fritz.”


I asked “Dr. Fritz” why he does not heal without cutting and he said, “The average man still doesn’t believe in miracles or phenomena. Men have the tendency to need to see to believe, but even when seeing their ignorance is so great that they still do not believe what their eyes are seeing.

“With all of my surgeries where everyone can see the cutting, chipping and stitching like Saint Thomas, and with taping, photography and interviewing of my patients to prove that the impossible is possible, they persecute me and the mediums and I hear very few thank God, thank Jesus or thank your spiritual world!”


This impossible, incredible, unbelievable, weird, phenomenon or miracle is explained in the book by John Grant Fuller: Arigo: Surgeon of the Rusty Knife published in 1974. It covers the first “medium” used by “Dr. Fritz” with all the details and names. You can find this book at some local public libraries.

According to The Science of Spiritism by Allan Kardec, the “medium” is the person who allows a spirit to use his or her body to work in our material world. This is a mission which we cannot force because it will accomplish nothing. It must be given freely and is not a profession.

Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D. and Stanley Krippner, Ph.D. went around the planet doing research on healing phenomena and wrote the book Healing States mentioning the first “medium” Arigo and the second “medium” that was working with “Dr. Fritz” after the death of Arigo on January 11, 1971. It did not mention the third “medium” Rubens de Faria, Jr. because he was not yet working with “Dr. Fritz.” Now he is performing surgery and healing in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) as I write this book in the beginning of October of 1995. I heard about Arigo and his “Dr. Fritz” when my mother went to see him in 1950. I was 15 years old, busy and too young to care about it.

My hometown, Belo Horizonte, the capital of the state of Minas Gerais is the third largest city in Brazil and only 75 kilometers from Arigo’s city Congonhas do Campo, a historical small town, where people are very friendly and at that time period were very much Catholic.

My mother was a diabetic and she felt better after she visited Arigo and his “Dr. Fritz,” but her neighbors and relatives never stopped talking about Arigo’s miracles.

Six years later, I went to New York and stayed in the States until now; forty-one years have passed and I now have a family of two children and four grandchildren. Then I was too busy to hear any stories, because I thought it was a waste of time. I was in health and had no pain.

Now, I have the sequence of the three men; Arigo to our time to show us the “deep mysteries of spiritualism and parapsychology.”

Jose Pedro de Freitas “Arigo” born and died in Congonhas do Campos in the State of Minas Gerais 8-23-1950—1-11-71.

Dr. Edson Cavalcante Quieroz “Quieroz” was born and died in Recife in the state of Pernambuco 8-23-1950—10-05-1991.

Rubens de Faria, Junior, was born in São Paulo in the state of Sao Paulo on February 14, 1954 and he is working with “Dr. Adolf Fritz” for the last 11 years, taking care of more than 2,000 people a day and performing sometimes as many as 500 surgeries. His present address is Rua (street) New York, 326 in the neighborhood of Bonsucesso, only 15 minutes from Rio’s International airport (Galeao). They are looking for a bigger place.

The contrast of education and cultures of the three “mediums” that worked and work with “Dr. Fritz” are some phenomena itself due to their diversity:

Arigo was a simple farmer with only a few grades of grammar school education.

Dr. Quieroz was a well-known, knowing gynecologist and general physician, a good politician, well known in society and financially secure.

Rubens de Faria Junior is an electronics engineer who works three days a week to support himself and was financially well-off before working with “Dr. Fritz.”

The donations for the work of “Dr. Fritz” are for expenses only. They are not enough to pay the staff who pay their expenses out of their own pockets. Approximately 50,000 people are treated each month.

Most of the patients are poor and they donate what they can afford. Donations are not and cannot be reinforced or demanded like religious cults, because what “Dr. Fritz” is doing is a “miracle” and miracles do not have a price or priority. If someone can afford to and gives a large amount in cash, then they will give it to the needy in the form of medicine, food and clothing or even give it to the orphaned, etc.

Because the volume of people is more than 2,000 and sometimes as much as 3,000 between the hours of 7:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. the waiting time for healing is sometimes six to ten hours. The expense of feeding this huge volume of souls runs high because the soup, sandwiches and hot tea do not come from heaven. They give the needy a bag of groceries, called in Brazil, “cesta basica” which means “the basic basket of food for the month,” which is supposed to feed four people for a month. Whoever did this calculation must have used bird feeding charts! It is available because of the donations.

William Moreira
Nov 17

This photograph taken by Kelsie McKinney at John of God’s healing center in Brazil is from her website

Kelsie (Kenefick) McKinney is a biofeedback therapist and a guide who brings groups of people to John of God’s healing center, the Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola in Brazil.

The author of Migraines Be Gone (2006) and The Stress Mess (2008), Kelsie attended the State University of New York at New Paltz, where she received her masters degree in Humanistic Psychology and Education. She is a licensed mental health counselor in New York, is board certified in medical biofeedback, and is a licensed professional counselor in Colorado. Her John of God: Journey to the Spirit World (2012) begins with her considering how the book originated.

As I sit in Abadiania, Brazil, I begin to write my story with great resistance. But, the Entities — the good spirits that come through John of God — insist the story be told.

Kelsie reflected in her book, “I feel as though I am living in the world of spirit when I am here in Abadiania . . . so grateful my journey took me here.”

Years earlier, after ending a disastrous personal relationship that left her feeling unsafe, Kelsie heard a medical doctor describe having her knee and her vision healed by John of God in Brazil. Kelsie recalled having seen a television documentary about John of God but at that time had dismissed it as “smoke and mirrors.” Then, two other people told her about being cured—of leukemia and breast cancer, respectively—by John of God and Kelsie began to wonder if he could help her in relation to her own life-threatening situation.

Kelsie’s first meeting with John of God occurred at the Omega Institute in upstate New York. She described entering a huge white tent with hundreds of other people dressed in white “so that the spirits that come through John of God could more easily see our energy field . . .” In the ‘first time line,’ Kelsie passed through two ‘current rooms’ where hundreds of people facilitating or receiving healing appeared to be in a deep state of meditation. She then approached John of God “in-Entity” in the Main Hall.

There was a woman two people ahead of me on crutches. John of God said to one of the volunteers that was assisting him, “Take her crutches — she does not need them.” They took her crutches and he told her to walk. She seemed to walk totally fine and walked for about fifteen feet before he told her to turn around and walk back. Her eyes appeared to be closed as she was walking and upon her return he said, “Now open your eyes and walk. You are healed. Go over there and sit in current.”

I was mesmerized as I witnessed this, feeling like I was in a trance. To see such a miracle in front of my eyes moved something inside of me. This was just the first of countless miracles I would witness in the following years. What a blessing that the good spirits had put me here.

As I approached John of God he held his hand out and I placed my hand on his. Looking in his eyes I felt a wave of love and compassion flow into me. The Entities see us as a hologram and they know what we need for our healing. A hologram is a three dimensional image formed from light. “Holo” means whole and they see us in our entirety.

Kelsie was told to return the next morning for a “spiritual intervention” (or ‘invisible operation’). When visiting the United States, John of God performs no physical surgeries (‘visible operations’). For her intervention, Kelsie was surprised to learn that she would be in a room with around 150 other people.

Kelsie had been told that the Entities could work on up to nine requests for a single person during an intervention. One of her requests was for the healing of a three-centimeter lump in her breast, the result of being pinched by her sister when she was a teenager. Another request was for the healing of lower back pain. She sat down in the intervention room and was instructed to keep her arms and legs uncrossed while her eyes were closed.

I heard John of God come into the room and listened to his voice for what seemed like just a couple of minutes. Then I heard his footsteps as he walked out of the room. Someone translated and said that the Entity proclaimed, “All my children are healed.” We were then instructed to go outside for to receive our post-intervention instructions.

The group was told that for the next 24 hours they were to remain in bed and sleep if they were tired.

As Kelsie rested in bed at her cabin, she checked to see if the lump in her breast had become smaller and was startled when she couldn’t find any trace of it. “I started poking around as my mind was sure it had to still be there . . . Then I heard a firm, clear and loud voice that said, ‘STOP POKING AND PRODDING! YOU JUST HAD SURGERY!’”

Her lower back pain was also gone. She received a second intervention a few days later and observed, “This one was much more difficult for me. It felt like the spirits were pulling tentacles out of my energetic field. This is the best way I can describe the images.”

In her book there are further recollections of occasional instances of voice hearing phenomena providing spiritual guidance for Kelsie, who observed, “It can be a challenging situation in our culture when people hear voices. Sometimes it is because they are in touch with the world of spirit.”

During her second visit to see John of God at Omega, Kelsie brought a photo of her mother, who had written requests for help on the back. Several weeks later, her mother reported that her irregular heartbeat had been healed. This form of treatment is sometimes called ‘distance healing’ or ‘remote healing.’

On this visit each time I approached John of God the Entity looked me straight in the eye and had the biggest smile imaginable! One time he reached his hand out towards me with his palm up and as I went to place my hand on his I noticed the most perfect little rosebud that I had ever seen. I looked up at him and communicated non-verbally, “Am I supposed to take this?” With a big smile he nodded his head yes.

About expectations of healing, Kelsie commented:

Often people expect spontaneous healing when they go to John of God. Yet, we must remember that the Entities are working on the spiritual root cause of the symptoms. Sometimes the healing is spontaneous and sometimes it comes in increments. I experienced both.

She offered her perspective of phenomena involving John of God that I had previously learned about from previous books and documentary videos chronicling this case.

We were told about one woman who had cancer throughout her whole body. The Entity told her that if she was willing to lose one part of her body He would pull all of the cancer to that part — to her little finger — and cut it off. She agreed and was healed of her cancer.

About some of the extensively documented healing styles, Kelsie observed: “The eye scraping can be used to heal many disorders and they need not have anything to do with the eyes.” About the “nose job” involving a hemostat, she wrote: “The concerns may have nothing to do with the respiratory tract or the brain.”

Following the spiritual healing, the Entities recommend patients to follow protocols that can include such things as dietary restrictions or abstinence from alcohol and sex for up to forty days.

About Dom Inácio de Loyola, in whose honor the Casa is named, she wrote: “He was a great healer in his day and he is one of the Entities that comes through when the current is very strong . . . We are also told that Dom Inácio de Loyola will not be coming through much longer because his spirit is getting too fine and thin for Medium Joao to hold in his body.”

Kelsie commented about the photos she took during her first visit to the Casa:

I noticed something very interesting when I got back to my room in the pousada and uploaded the photos to my computer. The people in some of the photos looked surreal. They looked flat and translucent. It was as though you could see right through them. There were shafts of white light radiating vertically through the photo and through the people. In one of the photos, a man in the middle was out of focus but the other people in the photo were in focus. This photo was also filled with white light streaming through the people in a vertical manner.

I can assure you that there was nothing wrong with my camera! In fact, most of the photos looked normal. This shows me, in a very physical way, the powerful spirit energies that are at work here.

Below are some more of Kelsie’s photos from the Casa.

Nov 10

This is an image from the documentary “Healing: Miracles, Mysteries and John of God.”

The spiritual healing facilitated by John of God (João de Deus) is known among millions of people who have received treatment from the Brazilian trance channeler. When I searched “John of God” at Google, one of the first results was a link to a rare mainstream media article about him — the February 10, 2005 ABC News article “Is ‘John of God’ a Healer or a Charlatan?” derived from an “ABC Primetime” special report telecast. In this post I am providing an analysis of the ABC News article and reporting about more recent media coverage of João.

This is how the article begins:

For nearly 30 years, millions have visited the tiny village of Abadiania in remote, central Brazil to see a man some call the most powerful spiritual healer since Jesus and others call a charlatan.

“Primetime” followed the journeys of five people who sought out the man known as “João de Deus” — “John of God” — and took a closer look at the amazing claims that surround him.

The first traveler was Matthew Ireland, of Guilford, Vt. who was told he had a quick-growing inoperable brain tumor. He had undergone radiation and chemotherapy treatments. But almost two years after he was diagnosed, and after three visits with João, his tumor has shrunk.

Annabel Sclippa of Boulder, Colo., has not been able to walk since her spinal cord was nearly severed in a car crash in 1988. But after six visits with João, she says she can now feel sensation in her legs and can nearly balance herself standing between handrails — something her physiotherapist said was unusual with her type of injury.

Mary Hendrickson of Seattle was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and powerfully debilitating allergies. She now feels much more energetic. “There is no way I would feel this way if something hadn’t changed inside me,” she told “Primetime Live.” “Something’s made a difference.”

David Ames, of San Francisco, was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease in April 2003. His nervous system was slowly disintegrating, and faced almost certain death — only 10 percent of patients survive for 10 years or more. He has had no physical improvement, but he still says his spirit has gained from his visit.

And Lisa Melman of Johannesburg, South Africa, discovered a year ago that she had breast cancer. After visiting João, her doctor told her it had grown, although less aggressively than he expected it to and that she should still have surgery.

Positive results are noticeably reported in each case. The next section of the article is as follows:

Incorporating the Wise

João is not a licensed doctor. Born in 1942, he is said to have been so rebellious he was thrown out of school after the second grade and could not keep a job.

Then, at 16, the story goes, the “entity” of King Solomon entered his body, and performed a miraculous healing. For years, João wandered Brazil offering healings. Twenty-seven years ago, he took residence in his casa in the plateaus and became known as “John of God.”

Today, more than 30 doctors and notables can enter his body, João says. They’re the ones that do the healing.

Among those luminaries are Dom Inacio de Loyola, a 15th century Spanish nobleman; Dr. Oswaldo Cruz, who helped to eradicate yellow fever; and the late Dr. Augusto de Almeida, a meticulous and demanding surgeon.

The “incorporating” happens in an instant, without warning. As João prepares to operate, his body suddenly jerks. He is said to take on the personality and even the eye color of the entity who inhabits him.

As most Americans have little knowledge of what is usually called ‘trance channeling,’ one would expect that many television viewers and article readers would simply dismiss this information as ridiculous or impossible as they have not personally researched this topic. “An Introduction to Healer John of God” was presented with the preceding blog article.

This is the next portion of the ABC News article.

Visible and Invisible Surgeries

John of God’s patients typically stay at Abadiania for two weeks, but they can stay for as long as they want. They can stay for an afternoon or morning and leave if they want to. Some people even arrive via bus on day trips.

Everyone is told not to stop taking their medications or treatments such as chemotherapy. After seeing John of God, there are some strict rules: for 40 days, no sex, alcohol, pork or pepper, which are all said to weaken the body’s aura, or energy field.

John of God cautions that cures are not always instantaneous, but can take months or years and the entities cannot heal everyone. Some may be just too sick; others may not be ready spiritually.

When patients come before him, he makes a diagnosis with just a glance — scribbles a prescription for herbs or even schedules an operation.

Some surgeries are “invisible.” The entities are said to have such supernatural powers, they can heal without breaking the skin. Others are “visible” — and only certain patients are considered eligible. They must volunteer, be 18 to 52 years old, and cannot be in wheelchairs, or have recently had radiation or chemotherapy.

The “visible” surgeries can be graphic. “Primetime” witnessed one in which João took four-inch gauze-tipped steel forceps, dipped them in a solution he calls “holy water,” and shoved the forceps all the way up a patient’s nostril and twisted them violently.

It took 45 seconds, and the patient left bleeding. But João’s assistants videotape such surgeries regularly and sell them at the gift shop.

No information source is identified for the generalizations about a “typical” time requirement for patients of João, nor about visible surgery constraints. This is the style of smug yet questionable vernacular heard on TV news shows that often made me cringe prior to my giving up television viewing altogether in 1995.

The next two portions of the article simplify John of God’s biographical information in such a way that invites viewers/readers to question his character in a blatantly unfair manner. The reason for this seems to be a supposition that the audience would be either unwilling or displeased to accept the truth about João and his extensively documented work as a trance channeler medium.

Challenging ‘The Power of God’

It’s against the law to practice medicine without a license in Brazil. “John of God” has been charged, fined and even jailed briefly. He keeps on performing surgeries, saying it’s the entities, not him, at work.

About the surgeries, he said: “I don’t do that. God and the spirits do that.” He says even looking at the videotapes of the surgeries makes him queasy.

He says he doesn’t even remember the experience. “I am unconscious,” he told “Primetime Live’s” John Quiñones. He likened his state to being asleep.

Challenged over the propriety of these operations, João answered, “Bring your scientists here, bring the doctors, bring them here. There is no magic going on. Just the power of God.”

No mention is made about how João’s work challenges longstanding spiritual and medical understanding to provide a context for the reasons for controversy. Here is the next portion of the ABC article.

The Darker Side

Some people say the healings are just a front — a way to make John of God rich.

Even though he charges no fee for treatment, João appears to be a wealthy man. He owns a cattle ranch just down the road from where he sees patients — more than 1,000 acres.

When Quiñones pointed out to João that his town has become a tourist beacon with thousands coming to spend money for herbs and other items, he looked hurt. His eyes turned red and watered.

He said he has money but he spends it to pay for food and education for the poor. “I have cattle, but that’s not enough to keep the casa,” he said.

Yet, there are also rumors that John of God has a much darker side. Juliana Almeida Franca, a district attorney who has investigated John of God, says he sent her death threats — delivered by a relative. João denies this.

João has also been accused of taking advantage of a woman who came to be healed. “There is a lot of jealousy. People talk. What dictates is the conscience toward God,” he answered.

He insisted his healings are legitimate. “You can fool the people for one to two years. But you cannot fool people for 45 years,” he said.

More than eight years have passed since this article was published and everyone should know how easy it is for aspersions to be made — about anyone. When considering the perspective fostered by a news outlet, the reader should keep in mind that it is an individual reporter, editor or executive who selects which opinions are to be publicized. It is easy to deduce that corporate executives would be concerned about how the uneducated public, advertisers or government officials would respond to the unfamiliar information about João. Here is the concluding portion of the article/newscast transcript.

Open to Possibility

For a second opinion, “Primetime” consulted Dr. Mehmet Oz, one of the most respected surgeons in the United States.

Asked about Ireland’s remarkable improvement from a brain tumor, he agreed, “something stopped a process that normally is very aggressive.” He also wondered if the atmosphere of John of God’s clinic contributed.

“I want to have the kind of music that gets him to meditate, the kind of biofeedback training and meditative training that will allow him to do what he needs to do to turn on his own body’s healing mechanism,” he said. “That may be the greatest lesson of all here.”

About Sclippa’s progress from her spinal cord injury, he says it’s conceivable that she could have made the same progress with intensive physical therapy. But he added her experiences with John of God may have been valuable too.

While the doctor said he wouldn’t send his patients to John of God, he still expressed curiosity about the clinic.

“I don’t care what it is, if you really feel better with this kind of tragic injury, we need to research that,” he said. “Crawfish regrow their nerves, right? Maybe there are things that we could harvest in our psyche that allows us to do it as well.”

And questioned about the graphic visible surgery, Oz said it could be “an old magician’s trick, but it’s a pretty powerful one from a physician’s perspective.”

John of God could also be on to something, he said. If you go to the roof of the nose, you find the pituitary gland, he said. “I’m wondering if touching the pituitary gland may influence all those chemicals that go between the body and the brain.

“Either he’s a healer who has found some talents that he has innately within him and can help people — or he’s crazy,” Oz said.

The article “Leap of Faith: Meet John of God” by Susan Casey in the December 2010 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine included new commentary about John of God from Dr. Oz. Following soon after the publication of the article, an episode of Oprah’s television show was devoted to John of God and two of Oprah’s interview guests appeared on CNN.

In an article from the June 2012 issue of her magazine, Oprah wrote about her visit with John of God.

I went to Brazil prepared not to believe my eyes. But the body does not lie. When John of God walked into the room and performed his first surgery, on a woman whose arm was paralyzed, he asked me to come closer to see. As he made an inch-long incision above the woman’s breast, I thought, Yes, that is a real knife, and yes, that is real blood dripping down her white pants. How is that happening without anesthesia, without her even flinching?

As I watched, my fingers got hot. Heat rose through my arms and chest until I felt like I might implode. Is my body bursting? Am I passing out? I told myself to think calm thoughts. But I felt like I might actually throw up—on camera. I’ve got to get to my chair. If I can make it there, I can steady myself.

“Are you okay?” Heather Cumming, John of God’s translator, whispered.

“I need to sit,” I mumbled. Only two more steps. As I collapsed onto the chair, Heather handed me a bottle of water.

“I don’t know quite what’s happening to me,” I said. Sipping slowly from a cup, I tried to gather myself back into my body.

I closed my eyes and sat quietly, feeling the rhythm of my breath. Tears of gratitude started to flow. Gratitude for the whole journey of my life—not just everything that had gone right, but the things that had not.

A video that currently can be viewed at Oprah’s website is “Oprah Witnesses John of God’s Surgical Procedure” published March 17, 2013. Video clips of Oprah’s recent interview with John of God can also be seen on You Tube among other websites.

The 2005 ABC News article ended with the following information.

To learn more about John of God and the people in this story, you may wish to visit the following Web sites:

One notable article about John of God was published in the February-March 1998 issue of Nexus Magazine. “The Amazing Cures of a Brazilian Miracle Man” by Robert Pellegrino-Estrich was extracted from his 1997 book The Miracle Man: The Life Story of Joao de Deus. In 2007, John of God was the topic of an episode of the BBC documentary series “Trust Me I’m a Healer.” The director of the segment was Danny Horan and the series producer was Rachel Bell.

Other ‘channelers’ who go largely ignored in the United States despite extensive documentation for their work include Chico Xavier, Mark Probert and Rosemary Brown. Channeling is an aspect of mediumship and has been chronicled in case studies about such mediums as Eileen Garrett, Gladys Osborne Leonard and Leonora Piper. Some channelers are generally not well understood in this respect, such as Edgar Cayce.

A recent documentary about João is “Healing: Miracles, Mysteries and John of God” (2008) directed by David Unterberg and Harald Wiesleitner.

This is an image from the documentary “Healing: Miracles, Mysteries and John of God.”
Nov 03

Cover art from Spiritual Alliances.

“The scientists who studied João are convinced of his capabilities, but bewildered as to how to handle the information.”—Emma Bragdon, Spiritual Alliances: Discovering the Roots of Health at the Casa de Dom Inácio

A contemporary spiritual healer is Brazil’s trance channeler John of God, who has been mentioned in several previous blog articles (including “Some Recordings of Channeling”, “Spiritual Healing” and “Spirituality & Health: Healing Spirits of Brazil”). Those with some knowledge of such metaphysical concepts as ‘oneness’ or ‘nonlocality’ will have an advantage for understanding the spiritual force documented in this case.

An explanation for the succession of entities controlling an entranced medium’s body was offered through one communicator from the ascended realm speaking through medium Mrs. J. H. Conant as recorded in Flashes of Light from the Spirit-Land through the Mediumship of Mrs. J. H. Conant (1872): “. . . for each occasion an intelligence is selected best adapted for that occasion.” In this article I am presenting some excerpts from biographies of João Teixeira de Faria, who is more commonly known as ‘John of God’ or ‘João de Deus.’

João was born on June 14, 1942 in a village in central Brazil. He left school after only a few years of education to earn money for his impoverished family’s living expenses. The early period of João’s occupation as a trance channel is described in The Miracle Man: The Life Story of Joao de Deus (1997) by Robert Pellegrino-Estrich. João was sixteen when a life-changing event occurred.

It was a warm sunny day as the bare-footed youth approached a bridge across a creek on the country road leading to Campo Grande. The urge to bathe in the cool sparkling water was too inviting to resist. He scrambled nimbly down the embankment and plunged in, momentarily washing away his thoughts of employment and hunger. He thought he was dreaming when he heard the soft voice call his name. Wiping the water from his eyes, he focused into the shade of the overhanging trees. To his surprise, there in the shadows stood a beautiful fair-haired woman. “Joao,” she said again sweetly, “come and talk with me.”

“How do you know my name?” he asked in astonishment.

“I know many things, and there is much I must tell you. Come, sit here with me.”

Joao stayed and talked to the beautiful woman for some hours. That night, back in Campo Grande, he realized the vision was Saint Rita of Cassia, the patron saint of Brazil. He turned over in his mind the things she had told him and woke with many questions to ask her. He dressed quickly and hurried out to the creek to see if she was there. The woman did not appear but in the place where she had stood was a sparkling beam of light. Disappointed, he turned to go when he heard her voice. “Joao. You must go to the Redemptor Spiritual Centre in Campo Grande. They are waiting for you there,” she said as the light disappeared.

When João reached the Centre, there was a man waiting for him at the door.

“Please come in. We have been waiting for you,” he said, as he took him by the arm. Joao does not remember the next three hours but when he woke up, people surrounded him smiling and shaking his hand.

“You took on the entity of King Solomon. You healed many people and performed amazing operations,” said the senior member.

“I what?” replied Joao in disbelief. “I’m sorry, you are mistaken. I was just hungry and fainted from the need of food.”

“Let us go to my house and prepare some food. He is starving!,” instructed the senior.

Bathed, dressed in clean clothes and sitting at a table laden with a sumptuous meal Joao had time to reflect on the claims of the people around him. It was time to take his gifts more seriously; he was unaware of the life long burden this decision would make for him.

João eventually established his healing centre in Abadiâna, “a place selected for him by spirit guidance through his clairvoyant friend Chico Xavier.”

Pellegrino-Estrich wrote that rich, poor and famous people have all come to João. “Prominent and well-known people from all over the world have sought his help . . . Congressmen and congresswomen, politicians, lawyers, rabbis, priests, nuns, American and Russian government officials, doctors, scientists, singers, entertainers, millionaires, entrepreneurs, industrialists and VIPs; the whole broad spectrum of humanity.”

The Miracle Man was the first book written about João in English. His healing center was described by Pellegrino-Estrich as including a recovery room and “current rooms” where an assembly of ‘mediums’ in meditation provided ‘current’ assisting the entities in their work. He reported that the people waiting their turn for a consultation filed through the first current room. “In two corners there are piles of crutches, wheelchairs and body braces discarded by healed invalids — a silent monument to the success of the man and his entities in his healing work.”

The second current room also contained mediums seated in rows.

The endless line of people pass through the middle and are spiritually prepared to meet Joao-in-entity who sits at the far end in a large chair covered in white linen. At the moment of meeting there is a split second recognition by the entity of each person’s “blueprint”; their past lives, current situation, their illness and their spiritual awareness. Depending on what is seen, the person will be dealt with according to the requirement. Some are given herbal prescriptions. Some are told to return for surgery or treatment at a later time. A few are told to return next session as the Entity required for their case will be incorporated then. Those that need spiritual strength may be told to sit in current alongside those whose ailments are being treated whilst in meditation. Others are given concise instructions on necessary life changes. Each person is dealt with in less than twenty seconds. Herbal prescriptions are written at lightning speed in a spirit shorthand which looks like a squiggly line and a few ticks. The pharmacists of the house have been taught to understand these hieroglyphics by the entities who prescribe them.

The third room is the intensive operations room which has a dual purpose; very serious cases requiring a long time in curative coma and, those who request invisible operations. Around the wall is a line of single beds on which the intensive patients lay whilst the entities perform operations invisibly — paraplegics, leukemia, AIDS and serious cancer patients.

Pellegrino-Estrich wrote that the public demonstrations of physical surgery “fulfill the centre’s mission of, not only healing the sick, but providing irrefutable proof that there is another dimension — a spirit world, where we all will eventually go when this physical life expires.”

As other books about John of God have been published and videos shared online, individual perspectives are presented about João. As each witness has a unique history of experiences and education, one doesn’t always need to ‘agree’ with each interpretation of the events described relating to spiritual healing in order to comprehend some of the more obvious lessons.

Two ‘daughters of the Casa’ are the authors of John of God: The Brazilian Healer Who’s Touched the Lives of Millions (2007). Heather Cumming wrote the book after serving as one of the translators for João. “As a translator, she assists John of God and the Spirit Guides to see up to two thousand people a day.” Karen Leffler contributed photographs: “Her many trips to the Casa de Dom Inácio have resulted in wonderful light-filled images of the healing energy and sacred space.”

Another book about João is Spiritual Alliances: Discovering the Roots of Health at the Casa de Dom Inácio (2002) by Emma Bragdon, PhD., who wrote: “. . . I visited João’s sanctuary for three months because I wanted to see with my own eyes how the Entity could perform successful surgery without causing pain or infection—without anesthesia or antibiotics . . . A video I had seen shows him performing surgery blindfolded—to prove that beneficent and highly-skilled forces working through him do the surgery and healing, not João the ordinary man.” Here are some further excerpts from the book.

. . . people experienced little or no pain and had little, if any, bleeding—clear evidence that something extraordinary was happening. Board certified physicians reported the same to the assembled people and were documented on film. In over thirty-five years of the Entity’s surgery, it has been extremely rare for there to be any infections.

Somehow, life at the Casa de Dom Inácio operated beyond [understood] physical limitations under more powerful spiritual laws. I was deeply fascinated—and sometimes, disoriented as I looked for new reference points.

. . . João repeats everyday, “It is God, not me, who does the healing.” João’s greatest gift is to reveal our close connection to evolved spirits and the energy which we call God. His work calls us to drop our limiting beliefs about our separation from spirit; to let go of our fears and reach for our closeness with God. João and his volunteers encourage visitors by often saying, “In God, all things are possible.”

The reason João, both as himself and as the Entity, always invites visiting doctors to be near him as he does visible surgeries is to assist them in realizing their own potential in spiritual healing; to learn how to bring spiritual healing into their own work in clinics and hospitals; to become vehicles of the spirit and pass that ability on to others. João’s welcoming film-makers and photographers to record his work is, similarly, aimed at disseminating the power of spiritual healing.

Bragdon described the process where João “incorporates an Entity” — “This process may be barely perceptible. Often João holds the hands of an assistant for a moment with his eyes closed, and then, on opening his eyes, relates to the group in a more detached way. Sometimes the incorporation is very dramatic.”

You Tube documentary videos about John of God include:


John of God documentary — Part 1″ (This 2003 video includes graphic footage of ‘visible operations’ [physical surgeries].) 9:41


“John of God documentary — Part 2″ (EVP words are noticeable in the audio track of this 2003 documentary.) 8:28


“The Healing Ministry of John of God, Joao de Deus” (This video uploaded in 2008 includes footage of “Joao’s body lurching as the spirits enter it” at 1:00.) 9:56


“Brazilian Miracle Man — John of God” (This is a 2005 documentary produced and directed by Bill Hayes.) 45:19


“Joao de Deus Interview — John of God Interview” (This video was uploaded in 2012.) 5:54

Oct 27

Philo and Elma Farnsworth

A biography of the American inventor of “the first complete electronic television system,” Philo T. Farnsworth (1906-1971), was written by the inventor’s widow, Elma G. Farnsworth (1908-2006) and is entitled Distant Vision; Romance and Discovery on an Invisible Frontier (1990).

Philo’s work was always the priority throughout their lives. The book relates how specific events made it possible for Philo to invent electronic television from transmitter to receiver. After his passing, Elma was able to provide a detailed account of her husband’s research and inventions as well as their life together. The case expands the meaning and implications of thought processes associated with the concept of ‘channeling’ or what is here described as ‘distant vision.’

Phil’s concept of using electrons to eliminate all moving parts from both the transmitter and receiver in his television system was a brilliant display of his genius: by intuitive thinking, logic, and hard work, he combined seemingly unrelated elements into new instruments of amazing effectiveness.

The book’s unexpected prologue recounted a “sacred experience” where prior to the birth of Philo, his father was on the way to the corral to milk the cows when he heard a voice call his name. He turned to see his late wife, Amelia, who delivered a message concerning his new wife, Serena: “I have come to tell you that Serena’s child is one of God’s special spirits; great care should be taken in his upbringing.” Amelia then faded from sight.

Elma and her husband were people of faith, attending the Mormon church. Their adversities in life were similar to everyone’s — business disappointments, the death of a one-year-old son from strep infection, the loss of a home and lab by forest fire, periods of illness.

The question is often asked, “How could a fourteen-year-old farm boy ever devise something so technically complex as television?” As improbable as it seems, young Philo Farnsworth not only proved it was possible, but he did it. How could that happen? Was it a matter of early motivation and circumstance, or, as Phil said, was there a certain amount of guidance from a higher intelligence, even God? Phil often referred to the sequence of events that constituted our lives as a “guided tour.” Phil’s inventiveness was characterized by a series of inspirations that moved him toward some distant vision.

Elma related that the first indication that Philo was a gifted child came at the age of three. His father brought him to see an engineer in a large locomotive who explained the phases of the train’s operation. When they arrived home, Philo made a detailed drawing of the locomotive. “This demonstration of photographic memory won him much praise from the older members of the family and no doubt heralded the first seeds of greatness in his young mind.”

One of the opportune occurrences happened when Philo was twelve and he moved with his family to an Idaho ranch powered by a Delco power system. In the attic of the new home he found a stack of radio, popular science and semi-technical magazines that had been left there by the former owner who had installed the system. He read an article about sending pictures along with sound by means of radio signals through the air. Eventually, as chronicled by Elma, “Bit by bit he collected information that eventually led him to discover that mysterious, vitally important particle called the electron, the study of which would define his life.”

Two years later, Philo’s early morning farming chores included operating a disc harrow pulled by two horses.

As usual, his thoughts turned to how he might train electrons to convert a visual image into an electrical image so it could be sent through the air. He knew this had to be done in a vacuum. He had read of a man named Braun who had made a crude vacuum tube and who had produced light by directing an electrical beam to a surface coated with photosensitive material. He had also read that an electron beam can be manipulated in a magnetic field.

As he turned the horses for another row, he looked back along the even rows he had made in the damp earth. A thought struck him like a bolt out of the blue! The tremendous import of this revelation hit him like a physical blow and came near to unseating him. He could build the image like a page of print and print the image line after line! With the speed of the electron, this could be done so rapidly the eye would view it as a solid picture! He could hardly contain his excitement. After mulling this idea around in his mind all the time and piecing it together one piece at a time, it had fallen together like a puzzle!

Elma further reflected:

The idea that germinated in his brain for electronic television must have been a gift from God, a partnership between divine inspiration and temporal genius. From that single seed of inspiration he peeled away many of the mysteries of the physical universe and commanded the forces of nature to do his bidding.

At the onset of this adventure, Phil always worried that he lacked enough formal education. But his experience was his education, more than any number of years at BYU could have provided. His laboratory was his class room, and he was both student and professor. He learned as much as he taught and taught as much as he learned. Phil’s lack of formal training was perhaps his greatest asset, rather than the liability he feared it would be, because it enabled him to structure his observation according to the unique framework of his God given genius. He had been spared the burden of conventional wisdom and had been deprived only of the knowledge of what was impossible.

As one reads Elma Farnsworth’s biography, it becomes noticeable how the necessary support staff and equipment became accessible to Philo at the appropriate times to result with the invention of electronic television.

The newlyweds traveled to Los Angeles in 1926. Elma wrote that they were staying at a hotel when the thought struck her that Philo’s plan for electronic television showed the potential of changing society. Philo gave a short history of television to the men who became his financiers.

In the 1880s there were many patent applications on various ideas for sending images through the air, none of which were very effective. Then, on January 6, 1884, Paul Nipkow, a Russian working in Germany, applied for a German patent #30105, which disclosed the first mechanical method of transmission, using a perforated spinning disc. From that time to the present, many patents had been granted on television, all relating to similar mechanical operations. Phil explained that none of these ideas were capable of attaining the speed and resolution that acceptable television transmission would require.


Phil picked up a newspaper from the table and explained the method used to print the picture. Calling their attention to the fine dots making up the picture, he explained that a slick magazine picture required much better definition. In fact, it might require as many as a quarter of a million dots of much smaller size.

In the system that Phil proposed, a picture would be scanned one line at a time in a succession of dots and focused on a sensitized plate in his Image Dissector, where electrons would be released in proportion to the brightness of the individual picture elements: if the dot on the picture was black, no electrons would be released; if white, a maximum number would be released. This stream of electrons would then be transmitted to a cathode-ray receiving tube to be reproduced on the photosensitive surface one line at a time.

“To get that definition over television,” Phil continued, “a complete picture must be transmitted at the rate of about thirty per second. That would require approximately 7,500,000 dots, or elements, every second. I’m sure you can imagine that this speed is beyond the capacity of any mechanical device. Of course it would have to be very carefully synchronized with the transmitter, or you would have a lot of mush on your screen.”

Philo asked for a total of $25,000 from the backing syndicate who became his funding partners. Philo’s share was specified as 20 percent, establishing him as the largest single stockholder. He built his first television system at Crocker Research Labs in San Francisco. The date the crew produced the first all-electronic television picture was September 7, 1927. When Philo began demonstrating the new system, the banking group of financiers found that “the big companies that had pioneered in other areas of radio and electronics, had heavily invested in mechanical television systems and were not yet ready to accept the futility of their approach.”

A collection of documents known as the “Philo T. Farnsworth and George Everson Papers 1914-1999″ is among the Special Collections at the Arizona State University Libraries.

Elma noted that young Philo humbly acknowledged an influence beyond himself. During the years when he worked to realize his ‘distant vision,’ this influence would again be recognized. Elma remembered one occasion when her husband was struggling with a particularly difficult problem. He decided to fall asleep thinking about it and see what happened. In the early hours of the morning, she awoke upon hearing Philo’s declaration of success: “. . . I was just awakened with the answer.” As Elma recalled, he seemed to derive energy from his very creative process: “Many times, he ran into what appeared to be insurmountable obstacles, but his stream of consciousness, like a stream of water when blocked, made other channels and found a way around, through, or over the problem.”

The book also mentions “Phil’s concept of the engram, or thought flow in connection with the here/now, which is the only reality, that split second between what has gone before and the uncertainty of the future.”

Philo received patent number 1,773,980 for his electronic television system in August 1930 but perfecting television would take many more years. “Throughout the 1930s, Phil found his time divided between defending his patents, continuing to refine his system, and haggling with his own backers for adequate funding.”

After a company reorganization with stock issued in 1938 and a patent license deal with RCA in 1939, there was a period of severe depression for Philo as World War II became an obstacle to the progress of commercial television. He knew his most controlling patents would expire by 1954. Despite unobtainable financial goals, he usually was able to appreciate his accomplishments and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

The end of World War II in 1945 after the United States dropped two Atomic Bombs on Japan was described by Elma as “a sequence of events that plunged all mankind into an era of lost innocence.” She remembered, “It must have been about this time that I first heard Phil use the word ‘fusion.’” The solution to controlling nuclear fusion would be his major project for the remainder of Philo’s life (as described in the previous blog article). Elma observed, “Phil thought of fusion in the same light as he had television twenty five years earlier — as a difficult problem that he might be uniquely suited to solve.”

In 1949 Philo’s company became a wholly-owned subsidiary of ITT. He worked on military research projects, including a submarine detection device.

The company continued to make television receivers and Capehart record-changer/radio combinations, and Phil’s research department continued to work on space-age contracts, mostly for the Air Force. It soon became apparent, however that the company was being phased out of commercial television. Manufacturing activities became limited to closed-circuit TV for surveillance and monitoring equipment for such places as atomic energy plants.

He became an expert on star tracking. He and his men developed a device for the United States early-warning system. Deployed around our borders, it could detect and explode a missile long before it reached our shores. An unidentified flying object of any sort could likewise be detected and destroyed.

Interpreting this instance of the expression ‘unidentified flying objects’ with ‘UFOs’/’flying saucers’ would make this pronouncement a dubious one as this is a simplistic view when one considers the published accounts described in previous blog articles. One might also consider the video footage taken by space shuttle Discovery Mission STS-48 on September 15, 1991 near the west coast of Australia. Mark J. Carlotto in an abstract wrote about an unidentified flying object (designated as ‘M1′) that changes direction and accelerates just before “a streak crosses the object’s trajectory” that appears to indicate military targeting. The footage may be viewed in You Tube videos.

Philo developed a new tube he called the Iotron, a memory tube able to retain an image for an indefinite period. One model allowed air traffic to be controlled from the ground, another was used in defense units, while a third was developed for telescopes, “allowing astronomers to extend their vision by 50,000 times out in space.”

Some divisions of the old Farnsworth Television & Radio Company were sold off eventually, and Farnsworth Electronics was formed as a dummy holding company for the Farnsworth patents. Because of all the bad publicity connected with the Farnsworth Company during its unsuccessful efforts to preserve its identity, the ITT changed the name to Capehart Farnsworth, an ITT subsidiary.

The growth of the company under ITT was phenomenal. Its operations expanded from the original Capehart plant to a second, and even a third plant. In 1957 the Boeing company chose the Farnsworth Electronics company to build prototype equipment for its seven million, one hundred nine thousand dollar contract with the U.S. Air Force for the Bomark IM99 interceptor missile. Farnsworth had been a pioneer in missile guidance systems since 1945, having subcontracts on the Bomark, Talos, Terrier, Sparrow, Meteor, Titan, Atlas, Rascal, and Lacrosse.

Elma mentioned that Philo’s “concern over world affairs and the feeling he should be doing something about fusion weighed heavily upon him.”

Near the end of Philo’s life, Elma described what happened one night while he was very ill with pneumonia

About 4:00 A.M., he opened his eyes and calmly told me not to worry; it would be all right now. He said his guardian angel and another personage would now keep watch, so we could go to sleep. He then drifted off into a deep peaceful sleep for about six hours. When he awoke, he told me these “personages” said he was on the brink of death, and it was his choice whether to return to his earthly life or go on. He told them he still had work to do on earth. They then said, “So be it.” He felt the fever begin to leave him. It was then he spoke to reassure me, then drifted off to sleep.

Elma chronicled how soon thereafter Philo was ready to make his transition. After his passing, she felt profound despair. On the day after the funeral, she awakened at dawn with a strange feeling.

In recent years Phil and I had experimented with mental-telepathy to a small degree of success. I had a feeling that he might be attempting to reach me mentally. I concentrated all of my thoughts on Phil. My intense efforts began to cause pains through my eyes and temples.

As I was about to give up, a voice spoke to me in my mind. There was no sound, but the clear and distinct words had a calming effect on me. The voice told me this was a very important time for Phil, and I must let him go . . . The voice went on to say that I still had important work to do on earth. Suddenly I knew without a doubt the nature of this work, and I was at peace.”

Among the websites about Philo T. Farnsworth is The Philo T. Farnsworth Archives.

Oct 20

This is a photo of the Mark II, Philo T. Farnsworth’s second model of the Fusor (under the bell jar) amidst testing apparatus. The photo is included in the biography Distant Vision.

textRecent reports about nuclear fusion research progress lead me to wonder about how many contemporary researchers know about Philo T. Farnsworth’s ideas and experiments in the field of controlled nuclear fusion. Farnsworth conceived the basic operating principles of electronic television as a teenager and went on to invent the first complete system of electronic television.

An October 7, 2013 BBC News article by Paul Rincon reported that during an experiment at NIF in late September, a milestone was reached as “the amount of energy released through the fusion reaction exceeded the amount of energy being absorbed by the fuel — the first time this had been achieved at any fusion facility in the world.”

Philo’s widow and biographer Elma G. Farnsworth wrote in her 1989 book Distant Vision: Romance and Discovery on an Invisible Frontier:

As he explained it to me, there are basically two ways to release the energy that binds atomic nuclei. In developing the atomic bomb, science had mastered a process called “fission,” which splits the nucleus of heavy atoms such as uranium into lighter elements with an attendant release of energy.

Since the dawn of atomic theory, science has known that it might also be possible to release atomic energy by means of another type of reaction called fusion, which is the same process that powers our sun and all the stars in the universe. Fusion involves the binding, or fusing, of light nuclei, such as hydrogen, into a heavier atom, such as helium. Because the mass of the new helium nucleus is less than the mass of the two hydrogen nuclei which preceded, the difference is given of as energy, in a quantity expressed by Einstein’s formula E=mc2.

Physicists have postulated since the 1930s that it might be possible to build a device that would harness fusion.

The solution to the riddle of controlled fusion is the holy graal of modern science. Once achieved, it will alter the course of history and reform the condition of all mankind. It will, in short, be an equivalent to the discovery of fire.

This is the quest that began to captivate the imagination of Phil Farnsworth at the end of World War II.

In 1947 on one occasion Philo conversed about his ideas on controlled nuclear fusion over the telephone with Einstein, who confirmed for him that his original conceptions were viable.

Throughout the ‘50s, Philo continued to formalize his math and develop operative concepts for his fusion device, a fusion reaction tube which he called the “Fusor.” By 1962, Elma was sure that fusion was every bit as real in Philo’s mind as television had been during 1926 and 1927.

There was simply no question in his mind that the Fusor was going to work, and he talked frequently of the breakthrough that was only a few steps away.

On earth, Phil predicted that fusion power would soon replace every source of energy presently in use. The most obvious benefit of this development would be the end of the pollution that fouls our skies and from the burning of fossil fuels, and our streams from human waste. It would also eliminate the dangers of nuclear waste from the fission reactors in use today.

Once the Fusor was perfected, he figured it would be a relatively simple matter to employ it as a star drive.

In 1953 during a family vacation, Elma was behind the wheel of the car when Philo made an unforgettable announcement. “‘I’ve figured out a way to control fusion!’ he said, with a note of wonder at the enormity of what he was saying.” His son Russell asked, “More important than television?” Philo explained how such an accomplishment would furnish the world with a very cheap, almost unlimited source of power. “. . . I’m going to have to be very sure of myself before I let this information out.”

The Farnsworth method of controlling a nuclear-fusion reaction is quite different from any of those financed by the Atomic Energy Commission. He proposed to contain a plasma (a high temperature, ionized plasma-separated gas composed of positive ions and negative electrons) by inertia within a minute structureless volume, using a self-generating electrical field. (Every other process makes use of magnetics for plasma containment!)

Farnsworth’s company had been acquired by the International Telephone and Telegraph Company (ITT) in 1949. Elma wrote: “The Farnsworth Company and ITT headquarters in New York had put their collective heads together and decided that if Phil was so sure he had a good idea, perhaps they should put some money into it and give him a chance to prove it.”

When the start-up plans were finalized, Philo and his associate Frederick R. ‘Fritz’ Furth decided it was time to file a patent. The Farnsworths took a train to Washington, D.C., where they were greeted by Philo’s mathematical expert ‘Doc’ Salinger and patent attorney George Gust.

The head patent examiner had invited his top mathematical/atomic expert to sit in on this meeting. After Phil had finished his explanations, this man said he was sorry to say he didn’t understand this concept. His superior said: “Let me remind you that never in all the patents filed by Mr. Farnsworth have we found it necessary to reject one. I think if he says he had patentable material, then he probably has. It is up to us to be able to evaluate it.”

During the 1950s and 1960s, conventional wisdom maintained that the only way fusion could be attained was by heating the fusible materials to extraordinary temperatures, on the order of many millions of degrees. Even today, multi-billion dollar experiments are trying to duplicate the conditions at the very center of our sun, in order to strip the like-charged atomic nuclei of their natural tendency to repel each other. Only by overcoming this natural repulsion can fusion be attained. Scientists since the 1950s have attempted to produce fusion by a method called “magnetic confinement,” which employs enormous magnets to contain and compress the fusion fuel. But heating the particles to high enough temperatures to achieve the intended effect requires enormous amounts of energy, and the effect can be sustained only for tiny fractions of a second.

Phil’s approach to fusion was very much analogous to his approach to television thirty-three years earlier.

As Phil recognized instantly the futility of mechanical scanning, and thus devised electronic scanning, so he had recognized the futility of magnetic confinement.

He had already chosen Gene Meeks as his special assistant and George Bain, an electronics engineer, as project chief under his direction.

To produce the fusion reaction, he would need tritium and deuterium, which required a special permit from the Atomic Energy Commission.

By the end of 1959, Phil had made and discarded several Fusor models. He then progressed to a design that appeared to have considerable merit. This was a spherical metal enclosure with six pairs of opposing electron guns, arranged in the form of a dodecahedron with a hollow spherical abode having twelve conical orifices disposed interspersed radially between the guns and an “electron collection” system.

On Friday, October 7th, 1960, in a small basement room, the Fusor was assembled with its bell jar and hooked up to the vacuum and power systems.

At sufficiently high vacuum, power was applied and gradually raised until the power supply’s maximum was reached. A bright glow within the Fusor increased in intensity as the voltage was increased. When a magnet was placed against the bell jar in line with the orifice of the Fusor, a gas-like flame was drawn out of the center of the structure to a length of about one inch. This proved beyond a doubt that a plasma had been formed, as a natural gas would not have been affected! Phil, Fritz, George, and Gene were witnesses to this major achievement.

The next morning, Saturday October 8, 1960, deuterium was admitted for the first time, and a run was started. Soon after voltage was applied, a Geiger counter placed adjacent to the bell jar began registering counts which increased progressively as voltage was increased until the counter pointer was driven off its top scale! Just what was causing the intense radiation — x-ray, gamma radiation and/or neutrons — could not be determined.

The following Monday, when the plant’s supply room was opened, a sheet of lead was obtained to shield the Geiger counter, preventing x-ray and gamma radiation from entering the counter and permitting only neutrons to register. A deuterium-charged run was made and a small neutron count recorded. The neutron count increased as the voltage increased. As the power-supply voltage was quite limited, the neutron count was also quite limited.

The Mark 1-Mod.0 was declared a huge success. (A major change in the geometry of the Fusor was designated as “Mark” with a Roman numeral, and minor modifications as “Mod” followed by an Arabic numeral.)

To delve into Phil’s “electrostatic inertial confinement” would entail explaining the details of the Fusor’s operation, but such terminology as “virtual cathode,” “permeable anode” and “force-fields” would only confuse the reader. Suffice it to say that Phil intended to employ the special properties of atomic particles in effect to contain themselves. These were the very properties that he had first discovered when he learned the source of the mysterious glow in his multipactor tubes.

Elma Farnsworth explained that the ultimate goal of all fusion research is “the reaction which, once started, would continue indefinitely under its own power.”

A January 1961 New York Times article by Gene Smith reported that “Dr. Farnsworth’s work is said to involve an electrostatic process in which clouds of electrons would confine the hydrogen atoms in a small area for the actual fusion process . . . The heart of his unit is a metal ball about half-way between the size of a basketball and a softball. The fuel itself, reportedly tritium, a form of heavy hydrogen, is located in the center of this ball and measures no more than a teaspoon. Yet once in action it is said to produce tremendous power.”

A Fort Wayne, Indiana Journal-Gazette article by Ernest Williams quoted Farnsworth’s commentary at a lecture the previous September:

He visualized a high-energy power pack, capable of being housed in the average-sized living room, which could generate enough power to supply the energy requirements of a city the size of Fort Wayne.

The progress of Philo’s research from 1962 through 1966 is summarized in Distant Vision with Elma mentioning her husband’s “ever-worsening health situation.”

The work had been going on for almost five years now, and there was little question but that Phil was able to produce fusion, as evidenced by the prodigious neutron counts the Fusor could produce. These neutrons were proof that atoms were being fused together, since the extra neutron was one of the by-products of the reaction. After one test run of the Mark II, Phil reported that “a neutron count of 1.3 X 109 per second (1.3 billion neutrons) was obtained for more than one minute. The operation was stable and could be controlled by the operator.”

Elma described the problems with the project in 1966.

Even as his determination increased, so did his mistrust of ITT and its intentions. Phil harbored great hopes that fusion would be used for the benefit of all mankind, but he doubted that the directors of ITT shared his humanitarian intentions. ITT being a highly profit-oriented organization, it was naive of Phil to expect them to go along with his philanthropic ideas. Despite his reservations about ITT’s ultimate intentions, Phil continued to try to solve the problems in the Fusor.

The problem was of course one of the highest technical order, but perhaps it could be explained in simple terms: in producing a fusion reaction, Phil had created what amounted to a miniature man-made star, around which formed a multi-layered electrostatic force field. The problem was that, once the reaction was started, the force field prevented more fuel from getting into the center of the reactor core. Without additional fuel, the star simply burned out.

In the summer of 1966 Philo and his associates worked on his second fusion patent.

He was happy in his belief that at last Hans and Fritz had finally grasped an understanding of his new math. Together they worked for the better part of a week on the patent claims. Finally, at a critical point concerning one of Phil’s pivotal equations, he realized that they had completely missed the vital point of his concept.

With this disheartening realization, Phil closed his briefcase, arose from his chair and announced, “I have given you all the material you need to finish this patent. Now I am going home and get drunk!”

An attempt to complete a planned article written by Philo for the Journal of the Franklin Institute also ended in frustration. Philo’s dictation was typed by Elma and the pages were sent to Fritz Furth and Bob Hirsch (Bob had joined the fusion staff in 1964) so that they could “put it in shape to publish.” Elma reported that Philo again was left bewildered. “He said that they had revised his math so it would fit into the accepted grooves of their own ideas.”

Philo eventually decided to try to complete the fusion project at Brigham Young University. Former fusion group members agreed to join the new company, including George Bain and Gene Meeks. The fusion patents belonged to ITT and were not offered for sale, which meant that ITT executives would have complete control over the results of Philo’s further work. Extensive preparations were made but eventually the planned new enterprise “came tumbling down around our ears,” as chronicled by Elma.

There were insurmountable financial difficulties, a predicament suggesting the ineffectual structure of the world’s economic system in relation to a visionary scientist such as Philo T. Farnsworth (1906-1971). Another example of contemporary human social dysfunction is the ongoing crisis at Fukushima, an environmental disaster for all of humanity and not only the people of Japan.

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