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Above is a page of photos from William Moreira’s book.

William Moreira is the author of a case study of his experiences and research relating to “Dr. Fritz” The Phenomenon of the Millennium (2002) involving Rubens de Faria, Jr., the Brazilian trance channel medium healer.

Beginning the book is Moreira’s letter sent in December 1995 to twenty well-known American television programs (with some typographical errors corrected for this article). Moreira was a resident of Weehawken, New Jersey at the time. I am also presenting his “Note From The Author” that followed the letter in the book.

Soon after arriving at Faria’s makeshift ‘hospital’ that Moreira witnessed to be “a clinic for miracles,” he heard “Rubens giving a few explanatory speeches about how everyone should behave and how to concentrate on God, Jesus and the spiritual doctors that will come to help ‘Dr. Fritz.’”

To: American Media
Sixty Minutes, CNN, 20/20 and seventeen TV Programs
Re: Now in the twentieth-century we can physically prove to our world that God exists! To the unbelievers, naturally!
To Whom It May Concern:

1. Again what we think is impossible in our material world is happening in Brazil. Dr. Adolf Fritz is doing surgery on people without anesthesia or in any modern sterile way. It only takes seconds to do it and there is no pain or recovery time needed. Why this phenomenon? This was the answer of “Dr. Fritz,” “With the permission of God, the help of Jesus and more than 3,000 spiritual doctors are all I need.”

2. I had surgery (June 27, 1995, at St. Mary’s Hospital in Hoboken, N.J. by Dr. John W. Carmody, M.D.) on my right shoulder. I needed surgery on my left shoulder and right knee (I was on crutches). My left eye needed scraping, I had arthritis and 20 years ago they shrank my thyroid with 8 microns (iodine). I was in great pain and desperate just thinking of the recovery and therapy period after surgery with no guaranty of health. This is a torture for any soul.

3. I am 62 years old, a resident of this great country for more than 41 years, financially secure and born with many talents. I am a classical painter (my opinion), a great chef (owned several restaurants), very handy (carpenter, bricklayer, plumber, gardener, writer, fixes almost anything, etc. and to finish up, I earned my pilot’s certificate in May of 1993, and a few months ago I upgraded it to complex high performance aircraft with aerobatic lessons). Nevertheless, I had no time for God. I used to tell my family He did not need me because I was nobody or too small to account for anything in the immense universe. I always believed in Him, the reincarnation and that “pains are the process needed to get a better life,” I thought this was only common sense. Now I have proof that it’s more than common sense!

4. A friend of mine came to my house to ask me to fly and I was half dead lying on the sofa. I needed someone to pull me up to a standing position due to pain in my shoulders and even then I could hardly walk because of my right knee. He told me to go to Rio de Janeiro and see “Dr. Fritz” and gave me the phone number of some friends there who would take me to see this spiritual doctor.

5. A week later, Sunday the 13th of August, I arrived in Rio full of faith and hope. “Dr. Fritz” was on “60 Minutes” many years ago (I do not recall the exact date) as a “medium” called Arigo. After his death (1971) he came back in the second “medium” called Edson Queiroz. Now for the third time he is with the “medium” Rubens de Faria, Junior, 41 years old, a communications engineer who works four days a week with “Dr. FRITZ,” averaging 16 hours a day. This has been going on for the past 10 years.

7. The area where the miracles of phenomena happen is a middle class neighborhood (near Rio’s International Airport). He uses a warehouse with a tin roof where the heat reaches more than 100 degrees in the afternoon. They do not sterilize the surgical instruments nor are the patients prepared. “Dr. Fritz” told me his operating room is invisible to us. It is a million years ahead of our time. (I do not believe a writer in Hollywood could ever think up a story like this one, because it is beyond human capacity!)

8. On August 14, 1995 I sat there from 8:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. just thanking God for what I was seeing. (They serve free, hot vegetable soup, sandwiches and hot tea if you wish).

9. At 9:00 A.M. Mr. Rubens came in and a few minutes later “Dr. FRITZ arrived.” You can immediately see the difference in personality. Mr. Rubens uses thick glasses with big open eyes and “Dr. Fritz” takes the glasses off and his eyes are half closed.

10. In a few minutes the place looks like a battlefield from the first world war. On the simple walls there is a half-painted very large face of Jesus. Church music fills the air; pleasantly, quietly and softly (Ave Maria, chorus, etc.). People must be quiet and pray.

11. Even if you come in at 5:00 A.M. and get the first number, “Dr. Fritz” walks around picking his patients on a priority basis. They fill the twenty operating tables in minutes. The tables are made of plywood with a clean sheet over them and without pillows because the surgery only takes a few seconds or minutes and there is no recovery time, the patients just get up and walk home; painless and healed from their illness!

12. Eye and most spinal surgeries are done, standing in line, while knee surgery patients sit in a chair. “Dr. Fritz” and his helpers use surgical gloves and I wonder why because they do not sterilize the instruments. When he chips bones, cuts out a tumor, etc. it goes in the tray of a medical cart being wheeled around after him. A few times a day they fill the cart.

13. When “Dr. FRITZ” came in, in front of me was a young beautiful lady (25-years-old with her baby in a stroller). “Dr. Fritz” came in with a scalpel, told her to turn around, pulled her blouse down a foot and with the sharp instrument made a cut about 3 inches long and more than one inch deep. Maybe one drop of blood came out of the incision. He exposed her spine, and chipped out a small piece of bone and dropped it in the tray. He roughly moved the vertebra, then with two fingers closed the wound as if it was done with double-sided tape and said to a helper, “Stitches!” “Dr. Fritz” did it in less than 30 seconds. The helper took more than ten minutes to put in about ten stitches. The woman left pushing the stroller like nothing had happened. I wished someone had taped the expression on my face because I was so amazed.

14. I asked to be the last and I sat there all day, as if in beautiful strange dreams, while they helped to alleviate the suffering of more than 1,000 people.

15. When I stood in front of “Dr. Fritz” (about 9:45 P.M.) he asked in good English, “What’s your problem?” I said, “All over, I am having a skeleton breakdown!”

16. He said, “It’s nothing that bad. I am going to start with your thyroid.” Nineteen years ago I almost died from hyperthyroidism. I could not have surgery at that time at San Diego Medical Hospital and they shrank it with ten microns (iodine) and my nightmare began. Since (over 24 years) then I take one Synthroid tablet daily and it is critical.

17. “Dr. Fritz” went to a bowl (used previously for salad) and filled two syringes with his mixture of turpentine, alcohol and iodine and with a thick needle injected it in my throat. Before I could think about the pain, he threw the empty syringes in the tray. Like hundreds of people all day, you do not know when he did it!

18. After that he said, “You are going to feel better, but you must come back three more times on Saturdays.” I walked out 80 percent better without my cane and with tears in my eyes. Next Monday morning I went to Delta Airlines and extended my trip to 30 days.

19. On my second visit I was there at 7 A.M. and got a white ticket with the number 241. For the whole day I sat in a hard chair in a 100 degree heat and the time passed so quickly it could have been just one minute. At 8:00 P.M. “Dr. Fritz” walked right up to me, touched my right shoulder with the two big scars from surgery 25 years ago and June 27, 1995. After that last surgery I had an only 50% recovery and a lot of pain with restricted movement.

20. First he gave me a shot of his “special mixture” then he put a surgical scissors in front of the scars. It went in at least two inches and I felt it cut. When he finished, in about five seconds, he put his fingers over the wound and covered the cut with tape. I felt the touch and cut but no pain. He told me to put up my arm and I did it as if nothing had been done. Next day the thin scar was almost invisible. For my third visit I was there at 5:00 A.M. and got number 114. Because I was not an emergency “Dr. Fritz” picked me and about 120 others to work on after 8 P.M. Even if he had picked me in the morning I had no intention of leaving before the place closed.

21. This time “Dr. Fritz” worked on my left shoulder where I had cortisone shots, x-rays and after my 30 days in Brazil, I planned to go for surgery. “Dr. Fritz” said I had “lots of scar tissue” and calcification (the doctor in Hoboken had said the same). He got the “surgical scissors” and went to work cutting inside the shoulder. Then he picked up the scalpel and started cutting and I felt some pain. He stopped and gave me a shot of his “mixture.” It felt warm like a “glow all over the area.” He began cutting and scraping for another few seconds. After he finished, he told one of his helpers (a young lady about 25 years old) to begin stitching in two minutes.

22. After six grotesque stitches they told me to go to a pharmacy next day. Their pharmacies (in Brazil) gave shots and remove stitches. I asked what was the care and was told: none!

23. The next day, he gave me a shot in my right knee. Then he put a tweezer in through my knee and pulled out a fragment of bone and said, “That was your trouble.” I suffered no pain or bleeding whatsoever. I started to get up with hesitancy and while walking I realized to my amazement that I was walking normally and painlessly.

24. “Dr. Fritz” never walks, he runs. Because I have a big mouth he spent three minutes with me. The trick may have been my English. (If I had spoken German maybe the conversation would have been longer!).

25. I learned that Mr. Rubens was coming to New York the end of September or beginning of October. I spoke to him and “Dr. Fritz” about coming to my house and they agreed because we became friends.

26. I told “Dr. Fritz” that our suffering planet should know about him, because our medicines are still too primitive to help us in our physical and moral pain. Both agreed that this is his message to everyone on our planet and I could do my part to help!

27. Any contribution given to him is spent on expenses to run the facilities and everyone is a volunteer. Whatever is left is used to buy medicine and food for the poor, because Brazil has no welfare. Mr. Rubens works three days a week as an electronics engineer to make a living. If he could charge for his work, then he would be the richest and most famous man in the world after Jesus Christ! What he is doing through his mediumship is a gift from the spiritual world. Vanity and money are not on his agenda! Love and charity have no price and the only reward is spiritual.

28. “Dr. Fritz” said his time on our planet is short and he is trying hard to let his brothers (everyone) realize that God is here in our hearts. We must try to help each other, because there is so much pain and misery. He knows he cannot change the world. Nevertheless, everybody can make it better with spiritual and material progress. With the permission of God, he came here to help and teach us the kindness and power of God. That’s why he does not need a million dollar surgical suite, anesthesia, sterilization, etc. The magnet fluid from the Creator and the good spirits is everything. Our body is just a wonderful machine controlled by our soul.

29. Because God gave us freedom to do what we think, Mr. Rubens (Dr. Fritz) is being persecuted by the church, medical associations and even Spiritists themselves who accuse him of working with the Devil.

Now I ask? Since when is the “devil” healing?

Unfortunately, we are surrounded by devils in the form of egoism, jealousy, greed, vanity and worse all with a mask of “Saints!”

30. September 10 (after 30 days in Brazil) at 7:00 A.M., I arrived at JFK Airport and this time I did not drag myself on crutches to my waiting grandchildren. I ran and grabbed them in my arms (I thought I would never be able to do this again). We all cried from happiness and then I said, “Thank you God, thank you Jesus, thank you Dr. Fritz.”


I asked “Dr. Fritz” why he does not heal without cutting and he said, “The average man still doesn’t believe in miracles or phenomena. Men have the tendency to need to see to believe, but even when seeing their ignorance is so great that they still do not believe what their eyes are seeing.

“With all of my surgeries where everyone can see the cutting, chipping and stitching like Saint Thomas, and with taping, photography and interviewing of my patients to prove that the impossible is possible, they persecute me and the mediums and I hear very few thank God, thank Jesus or thank your spiritual world!”


This impossible, incredible, unbelievable, weird, phenomenon or miracle is explained in the book by John Grant Fuller: Arigo: Surgeon of the Rusty Knife published in 1974. It covers the first “medium” used by “Dr. Fritz” with all the details and names. You can find this book at some local public libraries.

According to The Science of Spiritism by Allan Kardec, the “medium” is the person who allows a spirit to use his or her body to work in our material world. This is a mission which we cannot force because it will accomplish nothing. It must be given freely and is not a profession.

Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D. and Stanley Krippner, Ph.D. went around the planet doing research on healing phenomena and wrote the book Healing States mentioning the first “medium” Arigo and the second “medium” that was working with “Dr. Fritz” after the death of Arigo on January 11, 1971. It did not mention the third “medium” Rubens de Faria, Jr. because he was not yet working with “Dr. Fritz.” Now he is performing surgery and healing in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) as I write this book in the beginning of October of 1995. I heard about Arigo and his “Dr. Fritz” when my mother went to see him in 1950. I was 15 years old, busy and too young to care about it.

My hometown, Belo Horizonte, the capital of the state of Minas Gerais is the third largest city in Brazil and only 75 kilometers from Arigo’s city Congonhas do Campo, a historical small town, where people are very friendly and at that time period were very much Catholic.

My mother was a diabetic and she felt better after she visited Arigo and his “Dr. Fritz,” but her neighbors and relatives never stopped talking about Arigo’s miracles.

Six years later, I went to New York and stayed in the States until now; forty-one years have passed and I now have a family of two children and four grandchildren. Then I was too busy to hear any stories, because I thought it was a waste of time. I was in health and had no pain.

Now, I have the sequence of the three men; Arigo to our time to show us the “deep mysteries of spiritualism and parapsychology.”

Jose Pedro de Freitas “Arigo” born and died in Congonhas do Campos in the State of Minas Gerais 8-23-1950—1-11-71.

Dr. Edson Cavalcante Quieroz “Quieroz” was born and died in Recife in the state of Pernambuco 8-23-1950—10-05-1991.

Rubens de Faria, Junior, was born in São Paulo in the state of Sao Paulo on February 14, 1954 and he is working with “Dr. Adolf Fritz” for the last 11 years, taking care of more than 2,000 people a day and performing sometimes as many as 500 surgeries. His present address is Rua (street) New York, 326 in the neighborhood of Bonsucesso, only 15 minutes from Rio’s International airport (Galeao). They are looking for a bigger place.

The contrast of education and cultures of the three “mediums” that worked and work with “Dr. Fritz” are some phenomena itself due to their diversity:

Arigo was a simple farmer with only a few grades of grammar school education.

Dr. Quieroz was a well-known, knowing gynecologist and general physician, a good politician, well known in society and financially secure.

Rubens de Faria Junior is an electronics engineer who works three days a week to support himself and was financially well-off before working with “Dr. Fritz.”

The donations for the work of “Dr. Fritz” are for expenses only. They are not enough to pay the staff who pay their expenses out of their own pockets. Approximately 50,000 people are treated each month.

Most of the patients are poor and they donate what they can afford. Donations are not and cannot be reinforced or demanded like religious cults, because what “Dr. Fritz” is doing is a “miracle” and miracles do not have a price or priority. If someone can afford to and gives a large amount in cash, then they will give it to the needy in the form of medicine, food and clothing or even give it to the orphaned, etc.

Because the volume of people is more than 2,000 and sometimes as much as 3,000 between the hours of 7:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. the waiting time for healing is sometimes six to ten hours. The expense of feeding this huge volume of souls runs high because the soup, sandwiches and hot tea do not come from heaven. They give the needy a bag of groceries, called in Brazil, “cesta basica” which means “the basic basket of food for the month,” which is supposed to feed four people for a month. Whoever did this calculation must have used bird feeding charts! It is available because of the donations.

William Moreira

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the interesting account of William Moeira’s letter re: trance medium healing. I owe my very life to the special mind, body, spirit healing of Joy of Healing founders, full trance medium-Andrew Overlee, his wife Tamara-an automatic author and spiritual counsellor, and their family in spirit. I had tried everything, both medical and holistic, to alleviate the horrific pain of chronic fibromyalgia. Just as I was ready to give up on life and spend what time I had left in misery in a nursing home, my uncle introduced me to this beautiful work. Thanks to Joy of Healing I have my life back. I have been pain and prescription free for more than ten years.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I could not find a way to publish my account except as Anonymous.
    I am living proof of trance medium healing. Thank you for your wonderful work Andrew and Tamara Overlee. I have truly experienced Joy of Healing.

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